Zwave for Home Automation

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Zwave for Home Automation

Home automation is not a new idea but in the past it has been a fairly expensive proposition. With today’s home security systems it has become very easy to use zwave technology to control a wide variety of functions. Zwave uses a modular approach so that you can expand your system as needed or as you can afford to. This technology can completely turn your system into a smart home. Anything in your home that you normally control manually you can setup on a schedule or with a couple of clicks you can control them remotely from anywhere in the world.

Remote Thermostat Control

Your home heating and air conditioning is normally one of the highest energy costs that you will have. With this technology you can schedule when your home will be heated and cooled with an automatic schedule that is programmed directly into your home security system. When you are at work and getting ready to head home you can remotely turn your system on so your home is just right when you get there. This saves hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs.

Remote Lighting Control

Any light that you turn on with a switch can be controlled with zwave technology. Just imagine you are sleeping upstairs and you hear a noise downstairs. You can go to your remote keypad and turn on any light downstairs. You can have a schedule setup that will turn on your lights in the morning and turn on your coffee pot. Sorry, but you will still have to add water and coffee.

Remote Door Lock Control

Your door locks can be automatically opened for you. With a key fob you can just click a button and your door will unlock. You can also use the pin pad on the electronic door lock to open the door. Have a contractor coming in while you are away? No problem just use you smart phone to open the door for them. Have them call you when they leave and you can lock the door and remotely set your alarm system.

Miscellaneous Items to control

If your home sprinkler system is automatic and it rains the night before chances are that it will water your lawn anyway. You could remotely turn your sprinklers off to avoid over watering. Your home security system can also control your garage door opener. With the scheduling capability you can setup any series of events you want such as:

  1. Your Alarm goes off at 7:00am
  2. The Living Room light turns on downstairs
  3. The coffee pot turns on
  4. The heating unit turns on
  5. You get in your car to leave for work and your garage door opens
  6. You click a button and your garage door closes and your alarm system arms
  7. All of your doors lock
  8. Your heating unit shuts off

This is just a typical series of events that can be programmed into your system using zwave technology. In the event of an unscheduled event you still have complete control of your system. With a smart phone, laptop or any computer connected to the internet you can access any of your devices and activate or deactivate them. With the addition of a camera system you can look at your home and see what events are taking place in real time. This can help to reduce false alarms and false alarm fees by your local municipality.

Zwave devices are:

  • Simple to install and use
  • They are affordable and modular so your system can be expanded as needed
  • Powerful and smart. The devices “talk” to the main control so that the status of the device is always known
  • Versatile and can be adapted to use with just about any device that uses electricity
  • Intelligent and can work with all of the other devices as a team.

Z-wave technology offers an exciting addition to home security. You can now have complete control of the devices in your home from virtually anywhere in the world. Z-wave can interface with 2gig, DSC  and Honeywell security products.

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