Wireless Home Security Systems

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When it is time top select a Home Alarm System you will have to consider Wireless Home Security Systems or a Wired Alarm System.

Wireless Home Security Systems

2gig gocontrol alarm panelThere are many benefits to a wireless security system that cannot be ignored. They can be used in homes, apartments or commercial environments.

Wireless Alarms are DIY friendly

A wireless alarm system is extremely easy to install. There are no holes to drill or wire to pull. Wireless security systems have eliminated the need for drilling and crawling through your attic. Due to the ease of installation they are a perfect solution to install a security system in an apartment. They can also be very easily moved to a new location without damage to walls, windows or doors.

Easy to expand as you do

Since the system can be installed by you it can be added to very easily. Just but the new device to the system whenever the need arises. When you do the initial installation it can be difficult to prepare for every contingency. Whether you are adding a new gun cabinet or want to add a new motion sensor it can easily be upgraded.

Portable battery operated alarm devices

In order for a security system to be wireless the alarm sensors are battery operated. This means that you can move them whenever you want to. This is an extra expense that a wired system does not have but the batteries typically last 3-5 years and they will alert you when they are getting low on power.

Home Automation for your Wireless Security System

A wireless system opens up a whole new world when it comes to automation. You can integrate just about anything into your new system. Literally turn on lights from anywhere. You open the garage door and monitor it to see if it remained open after you drove off.


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Wired Alarm System

Require expensive installation which can cost anywhere from $99-$1,000 depending on the size of your alarm system.

Permanent and requires another outlay of cash to remove a system.

Hardwired systems typically rely on standard phone lines for monitoring which allows a burglar to easily defeat your system by cutting your communication. There are modules that you can purchase to adapt your hard wired system but these add extra expese and must be installed by a professional.

Extra cost of home phone line can be $30-50/month. Some systems let you get a “cellular backup” at an extra charge in both equipment and monitoring expense.

Wired security systems almost always ensure that the control panel of the system is hidden in a closet or basement in your house, where burglars can’t easily get to it to smash and disable.

Wireless Alarm System

Some systems can be self installed—but beware that only a few companies make this truly easy. Wireless Home Security can be easily installed in a short amount of time and there is no technical know-how required.

A wireless system allows you to be able to install the system yourself which gives you the thrill of accomplishement but also a intimate knowledge of how the system works. This can save on future aditions and service charges.

Easy to take with you when you move to your next dream house (or leave the suburbs for the city).

Even though most wirless systems are installed using cellular technology they can be installed using standard phone lines. This is not recommended because a burglar can easily cut your phone line outside of your house.

The best communication technology for your alarm system is cellular. It cannot be defeated by cutting the air and offers superior remote access.

Wireless systems incorporate all of the electronics in the keypad. This includes the cellular communications. Even though a burglar can smash your keypad during the initial disarm countdown this is compensated for by alarm.com's Crash and Smash Technology.

When you read about whether to install wired or wireless it does seem to be very lopsided in favor of wireless and in general a wireless system does have many more advantages than a wired alarm system. But there are instances when a wired system or hybrid system makes more sense.

  • Commercial application sometimes require a distance that a wireless system cannot accommodate.
  • Outside environments are not wireless friendly since all of the electronics are located in the sensor.
  • A greasy or dirty environment may not be the best place for wireless especially if you are using a touch screen


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