Wireless Camera System vs. Wired Camera System

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Many people assume that a wireless camera system is very easy to install and will give you great performance and are very reliable. There is a reason why most professional security dealers prefer a wired camera system. They offer superior performance and many more satisfied customers. There are some DIY options but not many.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each type of system:

Wireless Camera System vs. Wired Camera System Shootout!

 Wired Cameras require more work:

Yes and No, A wired camera does require that a coax cable and a power cable(usually a Siamese cable containing both) be pulled from the camera location all the way to the DVR location. A wireless camera is only wireless for the video transmission but the wireless camera still needs to have power. This can be closer than all the way back to the DVR but not always and in many cases the installer cannot hide the wire that is running to the outlet.

 Wired Cameras are more reliable:

This is absolutely true. A wired system is sending video through a cable that is manufactured for that use. The video delivered to the DVR and the power delivered to the camera is always consistent. In the case of a wireless camera system the only way to ensure the best video is to have “line of sight” between the camera and the DVR location. There are some systems designed in this way but they are not the typical system found in the big box stores. A wireless system may deliver high quality video at times but the video can also drop out and can be at the most inopportune times when you need to have video recording. In most cases the little more money for a quality installation will result in years of higher performance.

 Wired Cameras deliver better quality performance:

Again this is absolutely true! Wired camera systems are designed to provide fluid video from the camera to the DVR. The signal that is being sent through the wire is always constant and dependable. Wireless systems provide very low image quality and cannot deliver the same frame rates that a wired system can. This means that the resulting video from a wireless system has a tendency to be choppy. In many cases you may start out with a somewhat good picture that gets worse over time.

Wired Cameras provide Proven Success:

In order to have proven success you have to have equipment that deliver consistent performance in most circumstances. In some cases a wireless camera can deliver somewhat adequate performance but whether it will or not is dependent on trying the camera at each location. It may work in one place and not another and even when you set it up and get a good picture the picture can change over time.

Summary of wired vs wireless camera comparison

The time will probably come when wireless cameras will perform at the same quality as current wired systems. That time is not here yet. If you just want to see if someone is outside of your home but do not care if the recorded video will actually be able to be used in future identification then a wireless system may be just what you need. It is all based on what you expect out of your investment. Keep in mind that you will not get your money back after making a bad investment into inferior equipment.

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