Why Use 2GIG Security Systems

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Why 2GIG Security Systems?

2GIG is the #1 installed base for home and security systems anywhere. 2GIG changed the entire residential market with the introduction of the color touchscreen panel. Everyone else followed.

The new larger GC3 panel sets a new standard in the industry.

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Security System Customers Demand More

Consumers want more from their security system. They want the ability to automate their homes, keeping them apprised of goings-on at the home when they’re away, such as garage and door access, movement within the home, or keeping track of the daily activities of their families—including adults, kids, and pets. They also like the ability to see into their home using cameras, and being able to check and control lighting, heating and air conditioning use, and energy consumption at any time from anywhere.

Home automation and control systems are growing astronomically as the technology becomes more affordable, which makes taking care of the home and loved ones less of a burden, allowing people to do more and enjoy their lives more richly.

Replacing Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)

More and more, residential and small business customers are disconnecting from their old-style landline or POTS telephone service. The reason is simple: Customers have found that paying for landline phone service is an added expense that offers little in the way of benefits, especially as their own personal cell phones are handling most of the voice and communications traffic just fine. According to the trade group US Telecom 2013 report, more than 100 million landline phones have been disconnected, and nearly two in five Americans use only wireless phones in their home (2012 CDC report).

With the 2GIG system, we leverage the robust cellular communication network, making it unnecessary to keep paying for a dedicated landline phone for your security & automation system, and eliminating the risk that an intruder could cut the phone lines to gain access to your residence.

Security Masters only uses cellular transmission for every installation. We WILL NOT provide a far less reliable system like phone lines. The system is so easily defeated that it makes no sense to use it anymore. Using standard telephone technology was all that was available once upon a time. That time is over!

The Best in Alarm Security Technology

2GIG systems are always evolving and getting better all the time. With all of our 2GIG security and home control platforms, over-the-air (OTA) updates are part of that commitment—we get it. We’re constantly researching new technologies to build into the systems, and making the updates available at no charge to our back-end service and dealer partners.

We’re increasing the functionality and giving consumers more choices and options for incorporating the newest, fastest, and most robust technology available in the market. We have some of the brightest and most innovative engineers and technical experts working tirelessly to make our systems not only more feature-rich, but also easier to use. With a 2GIG system in your home, you’ve made an investment that will continue to be updated, expanded, and packed with features you want.

2GIG Security Systems Panel Features

7″ capacitive touchscreen
Resolution: 800×480 pixels
One-touch arming
Capacitive-touch buttons Home, Emergency
Dimensions: 8.9″x5.25″x1.25″
5-day weather forecast
Firmware updates:

100 Wireless Zones
2 Wired Zones
32 Keyfobs
4 Keypads
2 Open Collector Outputs
Wired Bell Output
100 Users
User-replaceable cell radio with integrated antenna
3G – AT&T or Rogers Network
CDMA Verizon Network

Home Automation
Integrated Z-Wave radio
Supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices
Create and execute Scenes
Create Rooms
Bookmark Screen
Third-hand strap
Integrated level
Easy-to-align center mark
At-a-glance programming

100-240VAC 50/60Hz 1.7A 14VDC adapter
Lithium-Polymer backup battery
Operating Temperature: 0C to 40C
UL985, UL1023, UL1635
ULC C1023, ULC S545-02 (Canada)
ANSI/SIA CP-01 2010

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