What Type of Security Protection should you have?

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Home Security Systems have become a necessity over the years. Burglary and home invasions have become more the norm than something that happened down the street to a neighbor. There are security essentials that every security system must have. This applies to a home security system or a business security system.

As a home or business owner you should know what your specific home or business alarm system should have. A little education before you purchase can go a long way. Unfortunately sales representatives are more about the sale than your home protection. So as an educated consumer of security for your home you should be able to answer the basic questions before you make a decision

Do you only want full perimeter protection?

It is impossible to know where a potential break in may happen so you will want to have all of your entry points protected.

Do you want additional inside protection?

Most home alarm systems will include a motion sensor inside the home. It is usually placed in the main hallway of the home. This is not always the best protection depending on the layout of your home.

Do you have pets?

When you purchase an alarm system you must consider your pets. Depending on the movement of your pets and when they are inside the home will help to determine what type of inside protection you will need.

Will you require a wired or wireless system?

In the old days this was a simple decision since there was  no such thing as a wireless system.Now you can have a choice in what type of system you will want.

Do you need fire protection?

Home burglary can be expensive but a fire in your home will cause more damage so this is something that you will want to consider.

Do you need home flood protection?

Many people think that they do not need any protection from flooding because they do not live near any bodies of water. They fail to consider that a bursted pipe in freezing weather or a leaking hot water tank can cause the same damage.

Do you need high or low temperature protection?

There may be areas in your home where the temperature must be consistent. There could be large financial losses if the temperature varies above or below a set temperature so you can set up monitoring for this situation.

Do you need specialized medical protection?

If you have the potential for emergency medical attention then you want to have the ability to be able to contact medical care right away.

Do you want camera surveillance?

A camera system will not trigger a monitored alarm in most cases but they can provide an extra sense of security. You can monitor the inside and outside of your home or property from just about anywhere.

These are very important questions that you should have the answers to before you speak to anyone.

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