What is a Duress Code?

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Alarm System User Codes

Your security system is an integral part of your home protection. Obviously it only works if you use it. There are several modes of operation that your security system is capable of. They are:

  • Disarmed
  • Armed in Stay Mode
  • Armed in Away Mode

Disarmed mode of operation

When your system is disarmed it is basically in standby mode. The door and window sensors will not trigger any alarms when they are opened or closed. The motion sensors are also disabled in this mode. There are some devices that are always armed and will work regardless of what mode of operation the system is set for.
Smoke detectors are a 24 hour device. If smoke is detected the alarm system will trigger and the system will sound your audible. This also applies to medical pendants and panic alarm switches. If you have any of these devices connected to your system they are always active and ready for your protection.

Armed in Stay Mode of operation

This mode of operation is used when you want to arm your alarm system while you are still at home. The perimeter of your home will still be active while all of your inside devices will be inactive. This allows you to move about your home and still have the peace of mind of having perimeter protection in place. Your medical pendants and panic buttons will still work while your system is in stay mode. All smoke detectors and heat detectors will also work in this mode.

Armed in Away Mode of Operation

This mode of operation is used when you want all of your devices to be active and ready to detect an intrusion. There is an additional option when you are leaving your home and arming in away mode. You can arm your system with no delay for your entry doors. This means that if your entry door is opened the alarm will sound immediately with no delay. This option should only be used if you have a key fob programmed into your system.

User Codes

User codes have different attributes that can be assigned that are unique to each code. These attributes include:

  • Single Access Code
  • Partition Access – User codes can be assigned to individual partitions.

Duress Code

A duress code is a unique code that is programmed into the system that is used when you are in a stress situation. If you are being forced to enter your code you would use your duress code. The code will disarm the system so that the intruder thinks that you have complied with their wishes but in reality the system will send a code to the monitoring station if your system is monitored. This alert will discretely inform the station that you are under duress and need help.

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