Vivint Home Security getting salesman complaints again

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There are an enormous number of home security companies competing for your monitoring account these days and that makes your home a target and also puts you in a unique position. Don’t just accept an offer at your front door because they knocked. I am not saying to discount the offer  either. Just don’t fall prey to the slick sale man at the door. Just use these as a rule:

  1. Go ahead and invite them in to listen to their pitch.
  2. Make a commitment to yourself that you WILL NOT MAKE A DECISION TODAY!
  3. Make sure that they leave the offer in writing.
  4. They will try to convince you that the offer is only good “RIGHT NOW”-Don’t you believe it. Ask them to come back in a few days after you have had a chance to review the offer.

After the Home Security Sale man leaves:

  1. Look over the offer
  2. Call at least 2 competitors to compare the offer to. Your best deals will come from making the competitors actually compete.
  3. Compare Apples to Apples – It makes no sense to try to compare 3 offers that are all different.

Check out Better Business Bureau websites to see what the ranking of the company is. The company does not have to be a member to have people complain about them. You can also do research on potential other companies while you are visiting the website.

The lowest price is not always the best company

When you are making a selection for an alarm company the lowest price is not always the best choice. You should ask about all of these potential alarm system costs:

  1. Total Out of Pocket Alarm Installation Cost
  2. Total Monthly cost for monitoring
  3. Cost of adding devices or additional coverage
  4. What additional device will cost me more per month?
  5. What is the warranty?
  6. What is the charge for a service call?

Vivint Home Security gets yet another complaint about pushy sale people.

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