Video Verification with 2GIG Image Sensor

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Video Verification is now available for the 2GIG GoControl panel by using the Image sensor from This new motion detector provide traditional motion sensor along with a built-in camera. The sensor will automatically send you a picture whenever the sensor is tripped as long as the system is armed. You can also setup schedules to have the sensor automatically take pictures at set times of the day. Potential false alarms are a thing of the past because you can now verify if a burglar is in your house before having the police dispatched.

You can also store the pictures in your account for future use or to provide the police with a description.


The best system for complete protection

The best system for complete protection

The Image Sensor is a pet immune PIR (passive infrared) motion detector with a built-in
camera. The sensor is designed to capture images during alarm or non-alarm events.
Users can also initiate image capture on-demand toPeek-Inon their property. Images are
stored locally and uploaded either automatically when motion is captured during alarm
events or manually when requested by the user. Once uploaded, images are available for
viewing on the Website or an Smart phone app. The sensor is
battery powered, all wireless and simple to install and operate.
  • Highlighted Features
  • Battery operated
  • Communicates wirelessly to the security control panel
  • 35 feet by 40 feet detection coverage area
  • Configurable PIR sensitivity and pet immunity settings
  • Image: QVGA 320×240 pixels
  • Color Images (except in night vision)
  • Night vision image capture with infrared flash (black & white)
  • Tamper detection, walk test mode, supervision
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