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Vacation Home Security-5 Ways We Protect Your Home

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For many, Labor Day means it’s time to prepare your summer home for the off-season. At Security Masters  we’re leaders in helping property owners keep tabs on their homes, so we put together this list of tips to protect your investment throughout the off-season.

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  1. Stay aware and in control using Vacation Home Security

Turning off cable and Internet service saves money but doesn’t have to cut-off access. An interactive home security system that uses a cellular connection is a cost effective way to secure your home. With our Image Sensor you can peek-in anytime to stay aware and connected all winter. No cable bills required.

2GIG Image Sensor for Vacation Home Security





  1. Stop floods and freeze damage fast

Wireless flood sensors, power outage notifications and temperature alerts make you aware of heating and cooling malfunctions so you can take quick action and prevent damage.

2GIG Flood Sensor for Vacation Home Security




Flood Conditions

Once the sensor probe detects the presence of water for three (3) minutes, the integral transmitter will send a wet alarm transmission to the security/control panel. The probe will also send a restore (dry) report when the presence of liquid is no longer detected by the flood probe for three (3) minutes. For flood reporting, the sensor requires the installation of the supplied external flood probe. The sensor is capable of detecting clean or dirty fresh water, salt water, or tap water.

  • Detects standing water that reaches the sensor probe and notifies the panel
  • Sends trouble alert to the panel when the ambient temperature exceeds 84 deg. F
  • Sends trouble alert to the panel when the ambient temperature falls below 42 deg. F
  • Ships with long life lithium battery life (typical battery life of 5 years)
  1. Know who’s coming and going all year round

So you were alerted about a problem at your vacation home, but how do you let someone in to fix it? Access control and alerts let you open the door for a repairman no matter where you are and keep tabs on who enters and leaves. You can also provide property managers a unique access code so you know when they come and go.

Vacation Home Security






  1. Smoke alarms don’t help if no one hears them

In addition to fire alarms that alert authorities, today’s connected home shuts down the HVAC to reduce the spread of fire, and alerts a personalized list of local contacts—like your neighbor or property manager—so they can take action right away.




  1. Manage your energy use

You can keep energy bills down with remote control, and the heat can even turn up as you drive in for an off-season visit. You can also automate lights and blinds to simulate activity in the house and prevent burglaries.




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