About Us

Hi My name is Bill Robinson. I have been a Journeyman Technician for over 20 years in California. I have worked for multiple companies in Northern California and Southern California as well. In the 20 years as a technician I have worked on all of the following:

  • Commercial Fire Alarm Systems
  • Residential Fire Alarm
  • Access Control Systems
  • Camera Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Drive Thru Systems

I have services and installed all of the above systems in just about every type of business and residence that you can think of. I am now using my years of experience in educating people about the need for security and how much security you will need. Home security Systems have evolved into much more than just detection of intruders. Today’s security systems can help automate your home in just about every way imaginable. My website is full of articles that can help you make an informed decision about what type of system you want without the pressure that may be applied by a local sales person.

If you are located anywhere in the Sacramento,Ca area I can help you directly. If you are in another part of the country please feel free to email me for any questions that you may have. I can direct you to local services all over the country.