Types of Home Alarm Door Sensors

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Home Alarm Door Sensors are an integral part on any home security system. Doors are a main entry point for burglars, so much so that they account for approximately 60%-70% of home burglaries. Since there are many different types of doors there are as many types of door sensors.

Types of Home Alarm Door Sensor

  • Surface Mount Door Contacts
  • Recessed Door Contacts
  • Pull Apart Sensors
  • Roller Ball Door Sensors
  • Overhead Door Contacts

Surface Mount Door Contacts

Home Alarm Door Sensor-Surface Door Contacts

This type of contact requires wire to connect the contact to the control panel. This type of contact us quickly becoming out dated with the addition of wireless security systems. Many wireless contacts do have the ability to integrate with this type of contact without the wire run back to the panel.This type of contact can be used on doors or windows

Recessed Door Contacts

Home Alarm Door Sensor-Recessed Door Contacts

Recessed alarm contacts are hidden in the door or window. It is best to solder the connections because the wire has to be pushed back into the hole so the contact can be pushed into the hole. The contact is a pressure fit so the hole needs to be the correct size. Wireless alarm systems also have recessed door contacts. This type of sensor can be used on doors or windows.

Pull Apart Sensors

Home Alarm Door Sensor-Pull Apart Door Contacts

The pull apart sensor is designed so that the magnet slides into a hole and when it is all the way in it closes the switch. If the contact is opened when the alarm system is armed the alarm will trigger the same as if a door were opened. It is best used for gates.

Roller Ball Door Sensors

Home Alarm Door Sensor-Roller Ball Door Sensors

The roller ball sensor is a recessed contact but when it is installed the ball protrudes out. It can be used in the door jam on the hinge side of a door so that when the door is closed the contact is closed. If the door is opened then the contact opens and the alarm sounds.

Overhead Door Contacts
Home Alarm Door Sensor-Overhead Door Contacts

The overhead door contact is used on larger doors such as roll up garage doors. It has an armored cable attached to the switch so that it can take more abuse. Since it is located on the floor it is subject to being kicked,stepped on or ran over. The magnet comes mounted on a angle bracket to make it easier to line up with the floor mounted switch. These types of contacts are a wide gap to allow for doors that do not have a close tolerance when they are closed. Garage doors are also subject to wind moving the door and if they were not a wide gap they would cause false alarms.

The home alarm door sensor is the most widely used type of security contact. They are used for both doors and windows.

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