Think Like a Burglar – Install an Alarm System

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Burglars Do Not Like Alarms

It is unfortunate that the need for an alarm system has become the standard in today’s society. But to ignore this fact is to put of the inevitable. If you look at crime statistics you will see that over the years crime has actually gone down and this largely due to the addition of alarm systems. There have been numerous reports put together that have polled inmates that are incarcerated due to burglaries. These reports give us insight to the mind of a burglar. Over 60% of burglars have indicated that if there is the presence of an alarm they will move on to an easier target. One of the main reasons that this is not higher is due to the fact that most of these individuals indicate that they did not think about the consequences of their actions.

Deterrents to a Home Burglary

  • The presence of an Alarm System
  • The presence of a Surveillance System

When a burglar is looking for their next target they want to be a success. This means gaining entry, collecting YOUR stuff and making a successful exit. They need to complete this process without being detected during any part of the process. The quickest way for them to identify a good target is by eliminating homes that have more deterrents. If they see an alarm sign and alarm stickers or cameras on the premises this is a quick way to rule out potential targets. Many of my customers have told me that they just want the sign and that should be enough. They are not 100% wrong but consider this but about half of the burglar attempts stopped the process when the alarm went off. If you are depending on a sign alone then think again. Not only that but criminals are smart enough to know that a real alarm company is in the area that they are working. The “alarm signs” that are fake are a tell tale sign to a residence not actually having an alarm system.

Home Targets – The Selection Process

  • The Size of the Home
  • The Types of Vehicles
  • Escape Routes
  • Hiding Places – Visibility during Entry and Exit
  • Single Family Homes are Preferred
  • Corner Homes are a Better Target

If you show signs of success by having a big home or fancy cars then you are telling would be criminals that you have some great stuff. If your residence or business provides some great hiding places such as bushes by the windows or large shrubs in the yard you are telling them that the stuff is easy to get to.

Common Access Points into your Home

Most burglars force a window or door open using a screwdriver or crowbar. A very small percentage actually picked a lock to gain entry. So, by far the common burglar will smash their way into your home. Since it is difficult if not impossible to know what entry point they will use it is important to protect every access point into your home. If you are still using a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) to monitor your alarm system then you should know that 20% of the burglars cut the phone line before they broke in. This renders your alarm system unable to communicate to central station so that the authorities can be dispatched.

Determining when you are Home

Burglars do not want to enter your home when you are there. This can lead to confrontations that they do not want to deal with. There are several ways that they use to find out if you are home before they commit to the crime.

  • Monitor your Daily Routine
  • Ringing the Front Door Bell
  • Gather Information to get your Phone Number so they can call you
  • Accumulating Mail or Newspapers
  • Lack of Air Conditioning on Hot Days

It is easy enough for anyone to observe when you come and go especially if you work outside of the home. Leaving to work and bringing the kids to school always happens at the same time so this can be difficult to vary. Most residential burglaries happen during the day and during the week. It is no coincidence that this is when most people are away from their homes. The presence of a dog does in some cases deter the criminals but many times they befriend the animal or just do away with them.

The Best way to keep your Stuff

Overall the easiest way to deter a criminal is to have an alarm system installed. It is fast and relatively inexpensive. It will give you peace of mind when you are gone and if you integrate home video you can even take a look at your home when you are away. Here are some other things that can help to keep the criminals away from your home:

  • Do not purchase anything nice
  • Make sure your home is unappealing
  • Drive an old beater car
  • Buy a big dog (But do not make it part of the family)

This may seem a bit drastic but statistics do not lie.



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