Theft Prevention during the Holidays

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Theft Prevention

Many people travel during the holidays to visit friends or family or just because of more parties and outing’s. This increased time from home can make you more prone to a home burglary. With a few extra measures you can help to make yourself safe while you are gone.

What measures can you take to stop from being a crime victim?

One of the best ways is to give your home the appearance of being occupied. Most criminals do not want you to be home when they break in so if they think you are home this is a good deterrant. Make sure that you mail is picked up while you are gone and stop the newspaper. Have a friend look in on your property frequently while you are away. You can leave your TV on or you can even but a Fake TV Burglar Deterrent that makes it look like there is a TV on. These measures can help but there still are burglars that will be more determined so some advanced measures may be needed.

Fake TV Theft Deterrent

Fake TV Theft Deterrent

What are some advanced crime prevention methods that can be taken?

  • Use timers on light switches so the perception of someone being home is realistic.
  • Leave you blinds or curtains in the position that you would normally have them. Many burglars will keep track of your habits and if you close everything up then they may know that is not normal.
  • Your porch and any yard light should also be on a timer.
  • Form a Neighborhood Crime Watch or join one if you have one established.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked and purchase an additional window lock for each window.
  • A security system is always a good idea.

Common Questions:

I had a burglar break into my house through my garage, how can this be prevented?

Crooks can enter your garage by stealing your garage remote and then they can conceal themselves from public view while they break into your home. If you have an alarm system installed most people do not install a contact on the rollup garage door. This is why you must have contacts on the inside garage door that leads to the inside of your home. Make sure that you do not have you garage door opener in a place that can be easily stolen. It is an invitation for a burglar to get his foot in the door.

I have Friends that have remote access to their alarm system, Is this easy to setup?

If you have an older alarm system then it will not be setup for remote access. A newer system can be connected via internet or cell so that you easily access your home alarm from anywhere with an internet connection. Every wonder if the kids got home safe? With remote access you can receive alerts automatically when ever they get home and disarm the system.

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