2GIG IP Video Solutions-Increase Your Security

2GIG Vidoe Solution-Dome Camera

2GIG has a full line of 2GIG IP video solutions, complete with indoor and outdoor mini dome camera and indoor Wi-Fi camera, as well as a network video recorder (NVR) for a range of new surveillance solutions for the security market. This suite of products offers a mobile app, at no extra cost, for remote […]

Security for Business- What are the special requirements?

Business Security Systems

The components of an alarm system whether it is for a residence or a business are basically the same. There are differences that should be addressed before you purchase a Business Security System.

Similarities between Home and Business Security Systems

Both types of alarm systems will need to have protection for all […]

Video Security Cameras

Video security cameras can provide another level of security that a typical security system cannot provide. A security system in most cases will scare the intruder away or at a minimum notify the authorities quickly to prevent a large loss of assets. If you employ video security cameras you can also detect the intruder while […]