Alarm System and Telephone Lines

Alarm System Communication

What Type of Alarm System communication is best?

Many people are selecting to drop their conventional telephone lines for newer, more robust solutions offered through cell or Internet companies. But, do these modern telecommunication technologies function with residence alarm system systems?

In brief, yes, new communication systems can work with home alarm systems. However, every […]

Upgrade your Honeywell Security System

Did you know that you can Upgrade your Honeywell Security System to the most robust alarm system on the market today. The system is 2GIG Go Control Panel.

Over 3 Million people can’t be wrong!

Many people have a Honeywell System that looks like this:

This […]

Think Like a Burglar – Install an Alarm System

Burglars Do Not Like Alarms

It is unfortunate that the need for an alarm system has become the standard in today’s society. But to ignore this fact is to put of the inevitable. If you look at crime statistics you will see that over the years crime has actually gone down and this largely due […]

Alarm System Phone Lines

The End of Traditional Phone lines (POTS) is within view

What is a POTS line?

The traditional phone line that most of us are familiar with is the pots line. This is what we all had in our homes and businesses before the Internet and cell phones were available. The primary player in the phone […]

2GIG Home Security in Sacramento

2GIG GoControl Panel

The 2GIG Security Panel is simply the most innovative wireless security panel on the planet. For 2 years running this security panel continues to amaze and take home top honors at the industry trade shows.






48 wireless zones 2 wired zones 8 Wireless Key Ring […]

Do Not Become a Burglary Statistic

A security system can deter burglars from entering your home but there are other precautions that you can and should take to protect your home and family.

Burglary Statistics

More than three quarters of all crime in the United States is property crime. The average dollar loss per burglary is $1,725. Over 65% of all […]