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The home security industry is a rapidly growing and changing industry. The DIY Home Security market is making some of the most changes. Many of these changes are great but there are some still hidden things that you need to know. If you have never purchased an alarm system then there are a lot of things that you need to know but will probably not realize they exist so how would you even consider asking the company or salesperson. I can guarantee that most of these questions will never be brought up by the salesperson.

Is the home security equipment proprietary?

Proprietary equipment means that there are a select group of companies that have been trained to sell and service the equipment. The equipment can rarely be services by any other companies and even if they could they are not usually allowed to purchase the parts. In the case of SimpliSafe the equipment is proprietary equipment.

SimpliSafe Security – No Contract Advertising

Don't get locked in with Equipment

Don’t get locked in with Equipment

Everywhere you go on the SimpliSafe Security website you see that they have no contracts. So you are not locked into using their services. This is a true statement that you are not locked in with a contract. BUT it is even worse! You are locked into using their services with the equipment that you purchase from them. If you purchase the SimpliSafe security equipment you will pay a somewhat reasonable price but you will never be able to use any other monitoring service again. If you decide that you want to switch to another company then plan on buying all of your security equipment again.

Home Automation

You may not think that you will want any home automation but it only makes sense to have a security panel that will support home automation. The security equipment provided by SimpliSafe does not support home automation. It will never be able to turn on a light or control your door locks or change the temperature in your home.

It only makes sense that you want to get the most for your money and the concept of a DIY security systems make complete sense but it makes no sense to trade a contract for equipment that will only have the capability to be monitored by one company.

Don’t be fooled by the advertising of low prices either. The pricing is better than most but the pricing that you always see is a come on price of $14.99 per month but that price does not allow for all the features that most people want. This price only forwards alarm signals to the central station but does not allow for any remote access or alerts directly to your phone. It will cost you $24.00 per month to get remote access.

No Local Support

As it is with most companies that will sell you equipment they do not have any local support. You can reach them by phone but if that does not solve the problem then you are out of luck. Since the equipment is proprietary there are no local alarm companies available to help you when you need it.

If you are looking for an alarm system in the Sacramento area give Bill a call at 916-539-3407. I can help you top set up a DIY Alarm system with pricing that rivals SimpliSafe but has all of the features and versatility that you deserve.


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