Security Cameras Sacramento

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Security Cameras Sacramento

Many people today have already invested in a home security system but are still looking for added security for their home and family. The addition of a CCTV System is a wise move in supplementing your current alarm system. There are many considerations when selecting a camera system. You do not want to run the risk of having an incident only to find out after that the camera system that you selected is not adequate. The first item on the checklist is to identify what you actually want to capture.

Camera Capture

CameraCapture1 Do you want to see a wide area just to know if something is happening?
CameraCapture2 Do you want to see an event so you know exactly what is happening?
CameraCapture3 Or do you want to see an individual so you can determine exactly who is involved?

Camera Types

CameraType-Box Box cameras have the camera body, a lens and a power supply. If they are used indoors they require a mounting bracket. If they are located outdoors they require a housing.
CameraType-Bullet Bullet cameras have a stylish design that are shaped like a bullet. These are available for indoor and outdoor use. They come with infrared lighting available.
CameraType-Dome Dome cameras are half spherically shaped cameras and are available for indoor or outdoor applications. They are used when they are to be discreetly located or when a more vandal resistant application is needed. They come with infrared lighting available.
CameraType-PTZ A PTZ camera is very versatile since they can be remotely controlled to view a wide range. They can zoom in when you want a detailed picture of a certain area. Depending on where the camera is mounted they can have a 360 degree view.

Field Of View

The field of view is a measure of how large an area the camera is capable of viewing. The focal length of the camera affects the field of view. A shorter focal length captures more of the scene and therefore displays a larger field of view. A longer lens magnifies the scene more thereby decreasing the field of view. You will need to decide how large an area that you want tom view. The examples below will give you an idea of how the focal length affects your field of view.
FocalLength-10mm The Field of view for this lens is 10mm
FocalLength-12mm The Field of view for this lens is 12mm
FocalLength-22mm The Field of view for this lens is 22mm
FocalLength-50mm The Field of view for this lens is 50mm

Camera Resolution

Another important consideration in video cameras is the resolution. The resolution is the measure of noticeable detail that you see in an image. The higher the resolution the better the definition,clarity and quality of the picture. A lower resolution camera produces images with less detail and may appear to be fuzzy.A higher resolution camera could capture the detail of a person’s face or a license plate number from a wide area. The wider the area that you want tom view, the more resolution you will need in order to see all of the detail. Another consideration when you have more resolution is that there are larger video files generated which requires a larger hard drive if you are going to store your video.Compare the pictures below to get an idea of the difference in resolution.

Lighting Conditions

Light is always an integral part of cameras and video. You must decide how much light is available. The camera will need to use light that is available or introduce light with the addition of IR illumination.There are a variety of technologies available to ensure that you get usable video in all lighting conditions. The primary camera used is one with IR illumination.
Lighting3 As you can see when the sun goes down a camera with no IR illumination will go black.
Lighting4 The addition of IR illumination will change the camera from color to black and white but will still provide a usable picture all night long.
 As you can see there are a lot of factors to consider when making a camera selection for security cameras sacramento. The wrong choice will potential provide unusable video when you need it most. There are a variety of Do It Yourself options available but keep in mind that these packages are very limited in the type of camera that you get. You get what is in the box and hope that the picture quality is what you need. They are a good choice if you just want to see that something is happening but usually will not provide detailed information. The other downside is that you must either install the system yourself or hire a professional to install it.
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