Security Alarm Panel Guides

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Security Alarm Panels come with 2 types of guides to assist in the installation of the security alarm panel. The two guides are the alarm panel installation guide and the alarm panel user guide.

There can be a supplemental guide for programming. This is usually a worksheet for you to write down all of the programming so you can refer to your worksheet during the actual programming. This can help while doing the programming and also for future reference if you or a new alarm company need to make changes or to troubleshoot in the event of a problem.

Many end users lose the panel guides or when you move into a new home you will probably not have the guide for an existing alarm system. There are two different levels of access with an alarm system. There are the functions that are setup when doing the installation. These options will be set and most often will not need to be altered unless you add or remove sensors. The user level access is for items like changing or adding access codes and levels of access. These levels of programming are two different areas and accessed separately.

Installation Guide Information:

  • General Device Information and what they are used for
  • Tips on planning the installation of your system
  • A Blank Zone List
  • Access codes – Installation and User
  • Installation guidelines and panel layout
  • A complete step by step description of each programming option
  • A list of available options in programming
  • How to learn in the sensors

The hardest part about programming a wireless panel is understanding the terms associated with security systems. If you are attempting a DIY install then you must do your research to become familiar with the terms used in security. You will find that most of the options will remain at default but some will need to change and you must know the difference.

User Guide Information:

  • Control Panel Description
  • Familiarization with beeps and buzzes
  • Arming and Disarming
  • Disabling Sensors
  • Away and Stay Mode Operation
  • Adding and Changing Access
  • Setting Time and Date
  • Checking System History
  • Operation of Emergency Buttons

Many times when you move into a new home your house may have a functioning alarm panel already installed. You will need to become familiar with your new panel. The first step is to determine what type of system you have. It is easy to find the existing keypad but that is not the control panel. The keypad may have the system type such as DSC, Honeywell or GE but this is only half of what you will need to know. You must have the panel type. If the panel is an all in one then you will need to open up the cover and the model type will be inside. If it is not an all in one then you will need to locate the security panel.

Locating the Security Panel

I have seen the security panel located in too many places to list but the most used location is in a closet. Typically it will be in the hall closet or a closet that is as centrally located as possible. This makes it more convenient to install the system. Once you locate the panel box, open it up with the screw that is usually located at the top or bottom of the can. Inside you should be able to find a model number. There is usually a diagram on the door with all the information that you will need.

Once you locate this information you can do a search on the Internet and it is easy to find the guides that you are looking for. We have Panel Guides that you can download as well. Just go to our Panel Guide Downloads

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