Sacramento Home Security

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Sacramento Home Security

If you are looking for a new security system in Sacramento,Ca or you want to upgrade your existing system then you are in the right place. At CPP Alarm and Video you have the reputation of a 33 year old company and the power of a 2GIG GoControl System. Just watch the following demo and you will see why it is the right choice.



The 2Gig Go Control panel offers the best in home security and home automation. This Sacramento home security panel offers all of the standard alarm devices and also many features that other alarm panels wish they had. The 2gig panel has several innovations that make this panel the 2GIG-Image_Sensor_Front_Webclear front runner in home security. Recently 2gig added the image sensor. The image sensor is a combination motion detector and camera. When the panel is armed and someone trips the motion detector the panel will activate the alarm and also send you a video clip of the intruder. The central monitoring station will call you to verify the alarm and when they do you will have a picture on the intruder so you can tell them whether or not to dispatch. The Videofied panel takes this a step further and sends the video clip directly to the central station. I see a major problem with this. The central station personel do not know who should and should not be there. Noone knows better than you!

When this type of alarm is reported to the police the dispatch is elevated to a crime in progress which gets the police priority higher.


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