Sacramento Apartment Security Systems

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Apartment Security Systems

If you live in an apartment complex then you still need your home protected.Many people think that they cannot have an alarm system installed in an apartment and that is just not true. We have complete home alarm systems that are easily installed for your apartment.

Save Money with a Do It Yourself Install – We do all of the programming and you install. It’s simple!

  • No Credit Check
  • You do not need to own your residence
  • No Holes in your walls

Until now renters have been overlooked for security systems. Alarm installation companies do not like to deal with renters even though they are as at risk just as much as anyone else. You can have a wireless alarm system installed with causing any damage to your apartment. When you move you can easily remove the system for reuse in your next apartment or home.

The system is completely wireless and you can purchase a desktop mount so there are no holes in the walls for the power or unsightly wires running down the wall.

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