Revo Camera System

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Home Security Cameras are a valuable addition to a home security system. Security cameras offer features that a home security system cannot. Adding a security camera will allow you to remotely monitor the activities at your residence or business. The security cameras of today allow you to record everything within its view and also the ability to view in real time. You can even watch your home remotely on your smart phone.

Cost of a Home Security Camera System

The options in the market place are overwhelming at best. The installation of a system is the easy part once you have made a selection for purchase. The first steps in making a selection are to determine what areas of your home that you want to monitor. You must also look at the available space to install a camera. Here are some of the things to look for:

  • Is the location inside or outside
  • How much light is available
  • How far away is what you are trying to see
  • How many days of recording will you need to store
  • How many cameras will you need
  • How much detail in needed

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless home camera systems are becoming much more reliable and make for a very easy installation for video monitoring. In some cases it is impossible to install a wired camera unless the wire is exposed. This makes for an unsightly installation.

Wired Security Cameras

If you are installing a wired camera system then you will need to determine where your DVR will be located so you can establish where you will be running the wire to connect the home camera.

Selecting your Camera Options

Resolution available determines how clearly you can see the image. Camera resolution varies from under 300 lines to over 1000 lines of resolution and depends on the number of elements in the CCD or CMOS chip. Many of the less expensive home camera systems only offer 420 lines of resolution. This provides a poor picture and you will not be satisfied. You should try to purchase a minimum of 600 TV lines. This will provide a sharp image.
Light sensitivity is measured in LUX units. The LUX measures how much light is seen by the camera.  The less light available, the more sensitive the camera has to be. Black-White cameras can “see” images in darker conditions than color cameras. Color cameras operate in low light conditions by slowing down the lens. Cameras will operate very well during normal light conditions but at night it is an entirely different story. In order to provide night vision the cameras are fitted with infrared LEDs. The picture at night will only be black and white even if the camera is a color camera.

Complete Revo Camera System

The revo system offers everything you need to install a high end camera system. The package comes with 6 cameras included which is typically enough coverage for any home. There are also 2 additional ports to add cameras. The kit comes with 60’ rolls of cable that will reach all locations in your home. If you have a longer run then you can order extensions. Each camera only requires the one cable and there are no special fittings. One click and the connection is complete.  The Revo Camera Systems provide online access at no additional charge for you to monitor your cameras remotely. You will never have to wonder about what is going on at home with this system installed. A few taps on your smart phone and you can see every camera from anywhere in the world.

Product Specifications

  • Video Input: 8 RJ-12 Inputs
  • Video Outputs: One (RCA), 1 Vp-p, 75 Ohms; VGA: One
  • Playback/Record Speed: 240ips/240ips (NTSC)
  • Network Connectivity: 10/100 Base Ethernet
  • Audio Input: RJ-12 Input: 8 Line In
  • Audio Output: RCA Output: 1 Line Out
  • Primary Storage: SATA Hard Disk Drive

System Contents

  • 8 Channels DVR with H.264 Compression
  • 1 TB Hard Drive in DVR
  • 2/33 ft. Night Vision Indoor Dome Cameras
  • 4/33 ft. Night Vision Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Cameras
  • Pass-thru Mounting leaves no visible cables off Bullet Camera
  • 6/60 ft. REVO Quick Connect Camera Cables
  • Fully Networkable for Remote Viewing and/or Access
  • Advanced User Interface for easy 1-2-3 Network set-up
  • Lifetime Technical Support
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