Preventing Burglaries

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While a home security system is the best way to prevent a burglary there are some inexpensive steps that you can take to make your home less vulnerable. Residential burglaries are on the rise so the protection of your home and family cannot be taken lightly. You should take the point of view of a burglar when trying to secure your home.

Here are some simple inexpensive ways to protect your home:

  1. Put a Home Security Sign up – When you have a security system installed the alarm company will provide a security yard sign and also window stickers. You can purchase “fake” yard signs even when you do not actually have a home alarm. When a burglar is targeting your home he will think twice about your home. Keep in mind that this is a form of deterrent but there are thieves that will not be stopped by a yard signs.
  2. Pay Attention to your Garage – Your front door and your garage are both common entry points to your home. Your garage is also where you store many of your valuable items. When you leave your garage open you are potentially advertising many of your processions to would be thieves. Make sure you keep your door closed when you are not present.
  3. Make Friends with Your Neighbors – In today’s society neighbors have become less friendly. Everyone seems to be too busy for interaction except maybe for the occasional wave as you go to work in the morning. If you were to get to know the people in your neighborhood then some wonderful things can happen. Besides the possibility of making some good friends you will also have extra eyes on your property. A close knit neighborhood naturally deters crime. A neighbor that cares about you will call the police in an emergency or when something looks out of place.
  4. Store Your Valuables in a Safer Place – When a burglar comes into your home they do not want to spend a lot of time inside. There “job” is to get in and get out as quickly as possible. They usually head straight for the master bedroom. This is where cash and jewelry are usually kept. With this being a known fact you must be vigilant in NOT keeping your valuables in your master bedroom. You can easily keep them in another room of the house. A better way would be to purchase an in wall safe. You can purchase the type that mounts inside your closet behind your clothes. These are very secure and not very expensive.
  5. Use Landscaping to Your Advantage – Burglars often target homes that have bushes and trees that can help to hide them while they are entering and exiting your home. A home with less shrubbery and open spaces can make for a harder target for thieves. If you want this type of landscaping you must make sure that you use it effectively. Thorny bushes can help to deter a thief rather than hide them. Make sure trees are trimmed back away from the house.
  6. Install Motion Sensor Lighting – Nighttime is the friend of a burglar so you must do your best to make it less friendly. You can install outside lights with motion sensors. These are available to run from house current or you can even find battery operated motion sensors. These lights only come on when they see motion. This not only provides light but also gives the appearance of someone being home.
  7. Leave a Radio or TV On – Many burglaries are committed during the day when people are away. If you have some noise in your home a would be thief will not want to enter since they think someone may be home.
  8. Stick To the Basics – Make sure you keep all of your windows and doors locked. Leave a light on when you are gone. If you are going away for any length of time make sure you stop your mail and newspapers.
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