Out Building Security

Protecting your outbuildings requires a different type of security system. Most outbuildings are remote and have no electricity. There are also no established communications lines such as a POTS line. With todays alarm systems the communication is not an issue since the best alarm systems do not use a POTS line but use cellular communication instead.

There is still a problem supplying power to the alarm panel. All alarm panels have a backup battery but this only supplies power in the event of a temporary power outage. If you have a power loss for an extended period of time the panel will lose power and there will be no protection.

Using Solar Panels for Out Building Security

The best way to supply power in a remote out building is to have a solar panel installed for primary power. A solar panel system requires the following equipment along with all of the traditional alarm system equipment.

A Solar Panel

A solar panel is made up of photovoltaic cells. When these cells are exposed to the sun’s rays, electron activity is generated which is captured by a grid of electrical contacts. The panel must be located to capture the maximum amount of solar energy in a day. When the sun is not available then the deep cycle battery supplies the electricity.














A solar charge controller

The electricity from the solar panel is routed through a solar regulator or charge controller which is a small box that controls the amount of charge going into the batteries in order to prevent damage to the battery bank. The controller shown above is a 10A 12V controller.

A deep cycle battery

Not just any battery will do if you want reliable operation of your security system. A system connected to a solar panel will have a lot of charging and discharging happening every day. When the sun goes down the battery supplies all of the voltage and will get discharged. When the sun comes up the solar panels will supply charging voltage to the batteries and also voltage to the security panel.

You have two good choices of battery types: Deep Cycle or Li-Po.

A Li-Po battery can be charged fast, are light weight compared to their storage capacity, discharge more evenly, and they have plenty of storage capacity compared to their volume. They also have a long lifespan averaging 5 to 9 years. However, these benefits come at a high cost of up to 20 times the cost of a deep cycle battery.

A deep cycle battery is the less expensive alternative with a lifespan of 2 to 4 years and offers good performance for solar energy storage.

The proper cables for the power load

The proper cables connecting everything together can make all the difference. If too small a gauge is used then the wire can run hot and possible burn out.

If you have an outbuilding that needs protection we can design a custom system for your needs.



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