KERUI Wireless Home Security System-W193

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KERUI Wireless Home Security SystemKERUI Wireless Home Security System-W193

KERUI Wireless Home Security System-3G

WIFI PSTN RFID Card GSM Touch Keypad Color Display DIY Kit Auto Dial Free APP Remote Control

Support WIFI 3G PSTN – 2.4G WIFI:the alarm system will push alarm notification via free wifi when someone breaks into your house.
3G-insert SIM card into the alarm system and save your phone number to panel,when alarm system be triggered,the alarm host will auto call and text the preset phone number.

  • PSTN-you can connect telephone line if there is no home phone line available the home alarm system will auto call the preset phone number.
  • APP remote control – Support IOS/Android,you can remote control the home alarm system via free APP and receive alarm notifications no matter where you are,also support feedback host real-time status to APP
  • Support RFID card – Read RFID card to disarm,can learn up to 20 cards,this is convenient for the elderly and children
  • Built-in backup battery – When the host power-off,the rechargeable highcapcity LI battery automatic start work,so that host still work well(supply power automatically when power supply failure).
  • Built-in siren – When the home alarm system was triggered,80dB of the voice from the built-in speaker will feedback to the user

KERUI Wireless Home Security System 3G WIFI PSTN RFID Card GSM Touch Keypad Color Display DIY Alarm System Kit Auto Dial APP Control


The home security alarm system supports 2.4G WIFI,3G(Just can read 3G SIM Card(AT&T) of United States only at this moment, and it can not read 3G SIM Card of other countries but it can read 2G SIM Card all over the world.),PSTN(mean telephone line).So you can choose either way to connect alarm host

Touch Keypad Color Display
TFT Color touch display,humanized menu,operation with voice

RFID to Disarm
The alarm system support RFID card to disarm,it is convenient for children and elderly.

Supports 99 zones and 8 zone types
There are 99 zones and 8 zone types(Normal,Stay,Intelligent,Help senior,Close,Chime,Welcome,Emergency) optional in each zone,ON/OFF siren in each zone is available.


Technical Parameters for KERUI Wireless Home Security System:

Input Voltage:DC 5V
Frequency: 433MHz
Material: ABS
Receiving Distance: more than 150M(open area).
Standby Current:<50mA
Alarm Current:<450mA
Internal Alarm Loudness: 80dB
Back-up Battery:3.7 High Capacity LI Battery


KERUI Wireless Home Security System includes:

1 X Alarm panel (No include SIM card)
1 X Motion Sensor
1 XDoor/Window Sensor
2 X Remote Controllers
2 X RFID Card
1 X AC Adapter
1 X English User Manual












Remote Control for KERUI Wireless Home Security System

The alarm system work with the alarm accessories,like door alarm,motion sensor,keypad control etc.When someone illegally entered the room, door sensor or motion sensor will be triggered and send alarm signal to alarm host induction alarm

APP Remote Control

The security alarm system support APP remote control,so you can control the alarm host anywhere.
If the alarm panel connect with PSTN(mean telephone line),then when a alarm be triggered,the alarm host call phone and the APP not enable.

Timing arm/disarm
8 groups scheduling Arm/Didarm function,and date can be selected to avoid arm and disarm frequently manually to realize automatic control.
then user can disarm/arm via APP on your smartphone or remote controller,also use RFID card to disarm.

Illegal arm function

If the door/windows with door sensors are opening ,and user want to arm the system,host panel will voice prompt”x zone is error” to remind users close the doors or windows.

Support wireless smart socket

The alarm system supprot up to 20pcs smart socket,user can control each socket turn on/off via APP,so you can remote control your appliances at your home.

Built-in rechargeable high capacity LI battery and supply power automatically when power supply failure

Host can be used for a normal cell phone to call other phones directly

Wifi function of alarm SMS push,Support IOS/Android operating system

10s automatic message recording with built-in artificial voice,so that user can the alarm place and zone when receive the alarm call remotely.

Display the latest 99 arm/disarm,alarm and card read records

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