Integrating your security system

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Getting the most out of your security system

Your home security system is no longer just an alarm that sounds when an intruder enters. With today’s security systems you can perform a wide variety of tasks remotely from anywhere in the world. Our homes keep our families and our property safe and with an updated alarm system you can now protect and monitor your home like never before. Integrating your security system has never been easier.

Video Monitoring

Your connection to your alarm system is no longer only available when you are in front of your keypad. With any internet connection or smart phone you can now view live video of what is going on in your home. Your alarm system can provide you with video whenever and wherever you are. Remotely look in on your property, kids, babysitters, elderly relatives, pets, housekeepers and contractors.

Wireless Alarm Communications

In the old days alarm systems depended on a standard POTS line to communicate an alarm to central station. These lines can easily be cut by an intruder which can diminish the ability for an alarm to deter an intruder. With a digital communicator (similar to a cell phone) these signals are sent using cell towers which cannot e cut or defeated by a would be intruder. With many people disconnecting there telephone lines and opting for only cell phones it makes a digital communicator a necessity. In many cases home owners are switching to packages offered by cable companies which in many cases the communications are disconnected by the cable installer. The older style POTS lines are also not capable of supporting the new home automation and remote control features of a newer alarm system. By switching to the digital communicators you can eliminate all of these problems and create the ability to have many new features.

Home Energy Management

Zwave technology allows today’s alarm systems to control and automate many parts of your home. With a zwave thermostat you can cut energy costs by as much as 15% in a year. These devices allow you to setup pre-programmed schedules to automatically turn on heat or air conditioning by any schedule you setup or you can login at any time and turn on or off the energy as needed.

Home Control and Automation

Zwave technology also allows for control of you appliances and home lighting. You can even unlock your front door from anywhere in the world. If you were out of town and the dog sitter forgot their key you could unlock the door and shot off the alarm with a couple of taps on your smart phone.

Outdoor Protection

With the new wireless technology you can monitor all of your outside sheds, driveways, patios and pools. Even if you have a larger property with a shed in the back you can add repeaters to reach even the farthest areas. All this without trenching for wire to be run.

Environmental Sensors

Floods and freezing temperatures can be your worst enemy. Individual homeowner insurance claims for water damage and freezing average $6,300. You can effectively protect your home from this type of damage by having a freeze or flood sensor installed. If you have precious items that are sensitive to humidity you can also have that monitored and reported by your alarm system.

Monitored Life Safety

Your alarm system can also monitor your home for smoke and carbon monoxide. High levels of either of these can result in death. Home fires cause death 62% of the time in homes without an active smoke detector. Your standard unmonitored smoke detector is designed to save lives so that you can be alerted by smoke and save yourself and your family. A monitored smoke detector is designed to save lives and property. You and the central station are notified so you can get your family to safety and the fire department can save your property.

Your alarm system can easily be used for a medical alert system. Anyone at home with a high risk for a medical emergency can simply wear a medical pendant and alert the authorities easily with the push of a button.

Your Home Alarm system has evolved to have the ability to enhance your lifestyle while providing a higher level of safety for you, your loved ones and your property.


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