Alarm System Contracts- What is hidden inside?

Along with the purchase of an alarm system there will be Alarm System Contracts and this has changed drastically over the years. The business model has completely changed. Once upon a time you would have a salesman come over to your home and provide you an estimate for the type of alarm system that you […]

Quality Alarm Systems

Installs Quality Products

Last but certainly not least a security company needs to install quality security systems. Most of the security companies that I have worked for or worked with install quality products. This does not mean that they are all the same. The basic function of any security system is to detect an unwanted […]

Your Alarm Installation Company

Your Alarm Installation Company

As a salesperson I can recommend and sell you the best of the best but without the proper support from the company that installs it can be no less than a nightmare for you. The installation needs to be one that you can trust. You deserve to have a security system […]

Think Like a Burglar – Install an Alarm System

Burglars Do Not Like Alarms

It is unfortunate that the need for an alarm system has become the standard in today’s society. But to ignore this fact is to put of the inevitable. If you look at crime statistics you will see that over the years crime has actually gone down and this largely due […]

Aggressive Door to Door Home Alarm Sales

In an industry that should be fostering a good feeling of safety and security this industry is not only falling short but the doorknockers (mobile salesmen) are giving the alarm industry bad name across the entire country. The aggressive and shady tactics are stacking up complaints in record numbers. It has become commonplace for doorknockers […]