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Zone List for your Home Security

Zone List for your Home Security

What is a Home Security Zone?

Your home security system is made up of zones. Each of your home security devices makes up a zone. In older wired security systems the zone list was made up of numbers only and a zone list would correspond to each of the numbers. Unless you had your […]

Motion Sensor Area Coverage

Motion Sensors for your home security system are an integral part of your protection. It is important to have them properly installed and adjusted. Your door and window sensors are your primary perimeter protection but motion detectors provide a second line of defense. These devices will detect an intruder that has entered your home.

Motion […]

What is a Beam Detector

A beam detector is made up of 2 separate units. There is a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter projects a beam towards the receiver. The receiver must receive a designated amount of signal in order to maintain secure operation. When an intruder walks across the beam, the beam is broken and the unit will […]

Best Smoke Detector

The Best Smoke detectors are a necessity in every home. Fire statistics show that having a detector reduces the risk of dying in a fire in half. So the addition of a twenty dollar item can give you a 50% better chance of living through a fire in your home. Smoke detectors have become a […]

Battery for Alarm System

Alarm System Batteries

Today‚Äôs alarm systems depend on batteries more than ever. The home alarm system has always had a back battery for the control panel. These batteries would furnish power in case your home experienced a power loss. In this event the alarm system would still function for a time and continue to provide […]

Home Security Devices

Home Security Devices come in a wide variety of sensors. Thieves are not the only thing that can damage your processions. All of the following can sometimes cause more damage than any burglar.

Fire Damage Smoke Damage Water Damage Heat Damage Humidity

May consumers think that a security system is to guard against intrusion into […]

What is a Motion Detector

A motion sensor is an electronic device that is used in conjunction with an alarm panel to sense motion. The motion sensor can be used to monitor a larger area which might include all of the windows and doors in an entire room. In some cases this can be cost effective so that you do […]

Interior Home Security Siren

The purpose of a home security system is to deter a would be burglar from entering your home. If the burglar does gain entry then a secondary defense that your home alarm system should be providing is to minimize the amount of time that the criminal spends in your home.

But my home is […]