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Best Home Security Systems for Sacramento, California

Home Security Systems are a necessity in California. There is a diverse culture and income group across the entire state. When compared to the rest of the country the rate of burglaries are higher here than elsewhere. Crime in Sacramento and the surrounding area varies from the city to the rural areas. As it is with most cities the rural areas have less crime and the rate of burglaries in the city increases quite a bit. As you can see from the following chart the rate of burglaries is disturbing when you consider that in the city of Sacramento there is more than 1 burglary for every 100 people. The town of Lincoln has the least crime of the cities listed.



1 Burglary for every 93 people
Rancho Cordova


1 Burglary for every 99 people


1 Burglary for every 103 people
Citrus Heights


1 Burglary for every 110 people


1 Burglary for every 135 people


1 Burglary for every 158 people


1 Burglary for every 158 people
West Sacramento


1 Burglary for every 160 people
Sutter Creek


1 Burglary for every 179 people


1 Burglary for every 181 people


1 Burglary for every 219 people


1 Burglary for every 222 people
Elk Grove


1 Burglary for every 234 people


1 Burglary for every 258 people


1 Burglary for every 265 people


1 Burglary for every 276 people


1 Burglary for every 283 people


1 Burglary for every 366 people


How to Select the best type of home alarm system

Decide on the Features that you want and need

Some of the top security systems will offer a huge amount of options. In most cases you will not use most of these options. In the case of a home security system the more options available just means more confusion when it comes to sorting out the programming options. It is important to know what you need before you buy your system. You will need to make a list of what devices and system features that you will want. Make sure to take into account any changes that you may want in the near future. Of course the best security systems will have the ability to be expanded.


One of the questions that you are faced with when you are deciding on a home alarm system is whether you will install the alarm yourself or have a professional install it for you. The biggest advantage to having a professional do then install is that the skill level of the installer will be superior to a beginner. Cost is the best reason to install the system yourself. Many home alarm installation companies will allow you to purchase a security system and they will do the programming for you. All you are left to do is the actual install. These systems will be a wireless home alarm.

Types of Alarm Systems available

Before you select a system and an installer you should do your research. Call at least 3 different Sacramento Security Companies and have them give you a quote. If you have taken the time to do some research then you should have a good idea of what type of security system that you want. The following are some easy to install and feature rich security systems for your Sacramento home:

  • DSC Alexor Security Panel

  • DSC 9047 Control Panel

  • 2 Gig GoControl Alarm Panel

  • Honeywell Lynx Security Panel

All of these panels are wireless and can be installed by the homeowner or a professional home security installer. All panels will provide excellent Home Security Protection in Sacramento.

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