Home Protection

Protecting Your Home and Family

Your family is important to you as well as your family. These days it is tougher than usual to just maintain the status quo without having to worry about what you already have being taken away.

That is where we come in. You cannot always be home to protect your home or your family but you can have a security system do it for you. In the old days your home security panel just made noise to try and scare away the intruder.

Home Protection

The next innovation added remote monitoring so that the burglar alarm could notify other agencies that could respond quickly to your situation. There have been multiple new ways that your alarm system can “talk” to the outside world. Here are the most common:

  • POTS Line ( Plain Old Telephone Line)
  • Cellular
  • VOIP
  • WiFi

All of these methods will work but only one works the best.


  • This is the phone line that comes up to your house and is plain view to you, the phone company and the burglar. This can easily turn your alarm system into a local noise maker only with no chance to alert the authorities.

Cellular (Best Option)

  • The use of cellular in your alarm system is the number one best way to send your alarm situation to the outside world. It cannot be cut or tampered with. There are no wires to cut. It is also the fastest way to communicate an alarm.


  • This technology is the one of the newer that utilizes the internet for your phone line to work. It can potentially have delay issues in transmitting your alarm. It also can be easily defeated by cutting your coaxial line from the street that is maintained by the cable company.


  • This communication method is almost the same as the VOIP option. It does not have the potential delay issues but it can be easily defeated.

When you have a security system installed you come to depend on it for home protection. If a burglar can easily defeat your system then you are gambling on the protection that you are paying for every month.

Types of Security Protection

home protection

Home Protection with 2GIG Go Control Panel


There are basically 2 types of protection with multiple ways to add to it. There is essential security and full perimeter protection. The essential security consists of making sure that all of the doors in your home have security contacts and also installing a motion detector in the main traffic area of the home. This type of protection will protect you about 60% of the time. That means that most burglars will try and enter your home through a door and if they enter through a window the motion detector will detect the intrusion.

When you have full perimeter protection you will have a security contact installed on every opening into the home. This means every door and every window. The motion detector is then optional but still a valuable addition in case you have a burglar that enters from somewhere else such as a roof hatch or skylight for example.

Both forms of protection can add a sense of well being that can only come from having a monitored security system.

If you are looking for a security system anywhere in the Sacramento, Ca area just give Bill Robinson a call at (916) 539-3407. We also have DIY options for all of California. We program the panel and then you can install the system. Wireless systems are very easy to install with the right instruction and you can save a lot of money.

Live in an Apartment? You deserve to be protected. Check into our option for Apartment Security Systems.

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