Home Automation Misconceptions

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 Home Automation – Is it for you?

In years past, if you wanted home automation you would need to be a celebrity or a professional athlete because the price tag was very high. Many of your neighbors are already enjoying the benefits of home automation. Even though this is one of the fastest growing markets there are many people that have some misconceptions about home automation.

I cover just a few here:

  1. It’s more than I can afford

Most people think that in order to have lights automatically turn on and off and my temperature automatically adjust according to weather and my door locks be remotely controlled that the price tag is just too high. Many alarm systems are incorporating home automation now just like the 2GIG GoControl panel. These dual purpose panels provide the best in security and affordable home automation.

  1. The installation is too complicated

Again in the past this was true. If you wanted your home to be automated you would need to have an installation crew run wire throughout the house to control lights and locks. Now it is all wireless and can be controlled from another room or another country.

  1. It is too hard to learn and setup

When the installation of home automation became more affordable and easier to install it also got easier to manage. The Alarm.com App and your Smartphone can easily control all of your home automation. You will find yourself controlling everything like a pro once you start the process.

  1. It’s just not needed

Home Automation is more practical than many of our technologies that we use every day. The latest smart phone and built in camera is not necessary but after using it a few times we cannot see how we could ever do without it. It is the same with home automation except the uses are much more practical providing energy savings and security that you never had before.

When you combine the 2GIG GoControl Panel with Home Automation devices you can now do all of the following and much more:

  • Automatically shut off your HVAC system in the event of a fire.
  • Automatically turn on lights in the middle of the night when there is a fire so you can safely get your family out of the house.
  • Control the access to your home from your phone – Ever have your kids get locked out or forget that a contractor need in?
  • Automatically turn lights on and off while on vacation

Automatic Door Locks

Automatic Door Locks



  1. It will become outdated

The 2GIG Panel uses zWave technology to control all of the home automation devices. This is one of the most widely accepted forms of communication for the home automation industry. It is growing every day.

  1. The Technology is “Klunky”

Many people that are looking into home automation worry that the technology is still too new and does not interface seamlessly. While it is true that there are changes every day the technology that is currently in use is very easy to use and the interface is very easy to understand.

  1. The monthly cost is too high

In order to access all of the home automation you do need to have an account and there is a monthly cost. The good news is that you are already paying a monthly cost to have your alarm system monitored and the increase is very small to add the integration of automated devices.

It will not be too long before all homes are automated and the day when they were not will be forgotten. How long has it been since cell phones came on to the seen ? Answer: 30 Years ago and it cost $4,000 so just like the evolution of the cell phone the cost of home automation is quite affordable and everyone will have it before too long.


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