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Wireless Home Automation

Your Security System is capable of so much more than intruder protection. With the addition of wireless products there has been a wide variety of devices made available to truly make your home into a smart home. Some may consider these to be unnecessary additions but most people are finding it hard to believe that they were able to function before having these new home automation products.

With Home Automation there are unlimited possibilities of doing things with the click of a button. Your home automation system can start out small with just a few key items and easily be expanded to control many of your home appliances

Wireless Door Lock

Add a wireless door lock to your front or back doors. These smart devices can be set to autolock so you never forget to lock your door again. They also provide remote notification when someone enters your home.

Gone on Vacation? Pet Sitter forgot there key? No problem. You can remotely add a keycode for them to get into the house or you can remotely unlock the door for them.

  • Control Who and When people have access
  • Receive notifications when people enter your home
  • Know when your children arrive home from school

Never wonder if you locked your door after you left for work or on vacation

 Home Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring allows you to check and see your home no matter where you are. Check on the house, car, kids or pets from one easy phone app or any computer connected to the internet.

  • Check in on your home
  • Check on the Kids
  • Check on your pets when you are gone

Wireless Thermostat

Save money on your home heating and air conditioning by direct control of your HVAC system.

Setup schedules based on the day of the week. You can setup schedules that can automatically run or manually be started. You can have a weekend schedule that turns the heat up a little higher a little earlier because you are home. These zwave thermostats can save you money year around.

Remote Access Lighting

You can control any light in your home with Zwave remote lighting modules. Just check out this scenario.

  •  You come home from the movies
  • You access your system
  • Unlock the front door
  • The alarm system is automatically disarmed
  • The front porch light provides light to enter the home
  • The light at the top of the stairs go on

This is a short example of what a home automation system can provide for you.

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