Holiday Protection

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The Holidays are here!

Well if you watch TV or visit the stores it would seem that it is here. I wonder what ever happened to Thanksgiving. Well regardless of what the retailers have on display there are a few things that are for sure. The holidays are close and that means that is time for holiday parties, holiday shopping and holiday trips out of town.

Holiday Protection

What else this means is that when you go out to go shopping so do the burglars. Think about it, you are not only leaving your home more often but usually for longer periods of time. And to make matters worse you are collecting all of this great new stuff and putting it in one easy place for the burglars to grab it all up and make sure that they have a Merry Christmas.

Make sure that your holiday season is a good one and make sure that you are arming your system every time you leave and when you are home make sure to arm it in stay mode.

If your family or friends do not have an alarm system then now is the time to refer them to Security Masters and see about getting one.

We have some great deals for the holiday season like an essential system for FREE and a $99.00 activation fee. WOW! ( Available in the Sacramento,Ca area)

Call Bill at (916) 539-3407 to setup up a no obligation appointment. Please forward this email to anyone that you care about for a security system.

Stealing Xmas

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