GSM Alarm Monitoring

GSM security system monitoring allows you to utilize the cell phone towers to transmit your alarm signals. The same information that was previously sent over a POTS line is sent via cell. There is no cell phone per say involved. The alarm panel has the ability to transmit the date directly to the central station with all of the same date that is required to dispatch the authorities.

Additional Features of GSM Alarm Monitoring

Unlike the traditional method of using the standard telephone line the GSM allows you to access your alarm system remotely. You now have the ability from anywhere in the world to check on your home. You can make sure that you armed the system after you left. You can even receive alerts when the kids get home.

Home Automation Features

With the addition of GSM monitoring you can also control your home. Security systems are no longer limited to security. You can control all of the following:

  •  Thermostats
  • HD Cameras
  • Image Sensors
  • Lighting
  • Door Locks

Custom Email Alerts

With this type of monitoring you can have custom alerts sent directly to your email. Check out just a few of the types of alerts you can get:

Your child Sam unlocked the front door when he got home from school

The liquor cabinet was opened

The garage door was opened

These are just a few examples of custom alerts. Have you ever left your home in a rush and when you get a few miles down the road you can’t remember if you set the alarm? Not a problem with a new security panel, just login and check and if it is disarmed then arm it on the go!


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