Golden Security Wireless Home Security System-G90B00

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Golden Security Touch screen keypad LCD display WIFI & GSM 2-in-1 with Auto Dial,Motion Detectors and more diy Home Alarm System G90B-W02

  • No monthly fees and contracts with security companies
  • Support Wireless Network WIFI and GSM dual network
  • Auto Dialer function will call up to 6 designated phone numbers in case of a security breach
  • Loud, 110dB alarm alerts neighbors and deters potential intruders
  • Wireless coding: easy to add additional wireless accessories (PIR sensors, etc.)

Golden Security Wireless Home Security System Product description

1. Workable with RFID wired keypad ,support doorbell function
2. Zone names can be revised by users
3. Relay usages name can be revised by users
4. Independent zones. Every zone can be set be independent zone, which can only disarm by administrator’s APP,The feature is fit for finance office
5. Leaving message remotely in APP or host
1). When leaving message in APP, such as: I will go home late, don’t wait for me. Next the message is automatically mapping to the host. Users will see the light to reminder
2). When long press the “record” button for 3 sec in the host panel, will start a new memo, and automatically mapping to the APP end. Slightly press “record” will play the new message
6. Information push promptly when AC power lost or recovered or detectors in low voltage
7. Build-in wifi transmitter, can control 4 wired relay outputs and wired sound&strobe siren
8. 96 wireless zones+4 wired defense zones+4 wired relay, Can store 6 alarm call phone NumbersGolden Security Wireless Home Security System-G90B00

Technical parameters:
Power supply: AC=100~230V 50Hz/60Hz
Working voltage: DC12V 1A
Static current: < 35mA (when not in charging)
Alarm current: < 120mA
Backup Battery: 3.7V 1750mA
Standby time: Around 36 hours
Charging time: 10 hours

Package include:
1 × Golden Security Wireless WIFI & GSM 2-in-1 Alarm panel(No include SIM card)
3 × Wireless motion sensor
10 × Wireless door/window sensor
3 × Remote control fobs
1 × AC/DC Power adapter
1 × Wired siren
1 × English user manual

Golden Security Wireless Home Security System-G90B00

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