Fortress Home Security – Fortress Total Security WiFi – B

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Fortress Home Security is an easy to install DIY Home Security Solution

Total Security WiFi - B

Total Security WiFi Main Panel

Fortress Home Security is Fully programmable, the Total Security WiFi system will automatically notify you via WiFi, via SIM card, or by landline in case the security system is breached. This is the Total Security WiFi main panel only (with power adapter included). You can add one or more accessories to your shopping cart to create a system that fits your needs. Any accessories purchased at the same time as the panel will be pre-programmed by our technicians before we ship it to you.

Note: The main panel by itself does not detect intruders!


  • Works with WiFi and a Free Mobile App for iOS / Android
  • Works with 3G/4G GSM SIM card for cellular connection
  • Works with landline phone / VoIP phone line
  • 99 Zones w/ Up To 10 Accessories Each
  • Compatible with 24/7 monitoring service


  • Power: Micro-USB 5V, 1A
  • Internal battery backup
  • 433 MHz wireless frequency
  • ~150 ft. wireless range
  • WIFi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • GSM SIM card slot

Fortress Total Security Door/Window Contact

This sensor is a magnetic contact sensor for doors, windows, and other entry points. When the magnet and the sensor are separated, the sensor sends a wireless signal to trigger the alarm. When you mount one piece on the door or window, and the other piece on the frame, the sensor will activate whenever the door or window is opened. For best performance, you should not mount this sensor directly on a metal surface. The sensor and the magnet should be no further than ΒΌ inch apart when the door or window is closed. When applying the adhesive tape, make sure that you are mounting on a clean, flat, dry surface. A starter battery is included with the sensor, and we offer additional 23A batteries for purchase on our web site.



  • Magnetic sensor protects doors, windows, and other entry points
  • Tamper switch prevents removing a sensor from its mounting place
  • Ready To Arm – system knows if a door or window is left open
  • Mount on a clean, flat, dry surface. Place a spacer between the sensor and any metal surfaces.
  • LED light shows activity and low battery warning

Fortress Total Security Motion Detector

Fortress Total Security Motion DetectorA motion detector will sense any movement in a room. If the beam that the motion detector sends out is interrupted, a signal will be sent to the main control system, triggering the alarm. Monitoring activity in a room is important if an intruder manages to bypass the basic trigger points of the window and door contacts.







Fortress Total Security Plug In Strobe Siren

Fortress Total Security Plug In Strobe Siren This plug-in strobe siren (110db) plugs into any outlet, and communicates wirelessly with the main panel, with a wireless range of 150 feet. When the alarm is triggered and the siren sounds, it will scare off any intruders as well as alerting you, the neighbors, and anyone else nearby. The siren also includes a strobe light that flashes when the alarm is triggered.

The internal backup battery keeps the siren running if the power cuts out, and recharges automatically when the power comes back on.





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