Home Fire Safety

Security systems are meant to protect your family and your possessions. In the event of a burglary the alarm system will trigger an alarm that if unmonitored will at a minimum sound a loud siren. You may also have a bell outside your home that will help to alert neighbors or people in the general […]

Best Smoke Detector

The Best Smoke detectors are a necessity in every home. Fire statistics show that having a detector reduces the risk of dying in a fire in half. So the addition of a twenty dollar item can give you a 50% better chance of living through a fire in your home. Smoke detectors have become a […]

What is a Fire Alarm

A fire alarm is any device or system that is designed to alert people to the presence of a fire. This could be the familiar smoke detector that you find in most homes in a hallway. These are stand alone devices because they are powered by a battery and when they detect smoke they set […]

What is a Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is simply a device that detects smoke. Smoke is usually an indication of fire. This is not always the case and when there is no actual fire they can be responsible for a number of false alarms. A smoke detector can be a local only type where they are installed to notify […]