Door to Door Alarm System Sales

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What do you do when you have a knock at the door from a sales person pushing Alarm System Sales?

Alarm System Sales

Many door-to-door sales agents are legitimate; however, some are less ethical. We’d like to forewarn you about potentially deceptive door-to-door sales activities and provide some hints and tips to help you stay safe.



In general, what should you be aware of with Alarm System Sales:

  • Look out for the hard sell
    • Salesman will want to make the sale on the first visit so that you do not have time to think about the offer or check out other companies
  • Look out for the “One Time Offer”
    • If the offer is available today it will be available next week. Any salesperson is willing to make the sale when you are ready
  • Do not sign anything on the first visit
    • In California you have a 3 day cooljng off period but moist people feel that if they already committed they do not wan to be any trouble. The cooling off period is there to allow you to think after the fast talking sales person is gone.

What Alarm System Sales tactics are legitimate?

  • If you are being offered FREE equipment it is not necessarily a scam but I can guarantee that nothing is free. The company that made the product expects to get paid and the distributor where the alarm company purchased the product expects to get paid and so does the alarm company installing the product.
  • Many sales people will tell you there has been a recent break-in in the neighborhood and this in many cases is true. I periodically canvas areas that have had a recent break-ins and when I speak to the person that had the -they are very happy to talk with me. I do not use scare tactics but I do educate. In many cases a burglarized home will be hit again recently after the initial break-in.
  • Some unethical salespeople will claim that your current alarm company is out of business, easy solution CALL THEM! while the guy is in your house and if he lied to you then send them packing or better yet lodge a complaint.
  • If you are in a contract then only you can cancel the contract but be aware that your current company will make all kind of offers to keep you. They may even offer to lower the monthly cost. The question is why did they wait for you to call?

When in doubt ask the sales person to leave you a copy of the quote or email it to you. I always do a presentation to the customer and then email them a quote. If they want to shop around thenĀ  at least they will know exactly what I am providing so the can compare apples to apples. Every one of my customer is provided the following:

  1. A Printed Quote
  2. A Business Card
  3. My Website Address
  4. My Email Address
  5. A Brochure

It may not seem important but most of the salespeople that are door knocking do not have a business card or even a way to send you a quote. They are counting on the quick sale so they pressure you into filling out a contract on the spot. They do not want to make a return trip. Frankly they may not be in business the next day. So just be careful and DO NOT MAKE ANY SNAP DECISIONS!

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