Do Not Become a Burglary Statistic

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A security system can deter burglars from entering your home but there are other precautions that you can and should take to protect your home and family.

Burglary Statistics

  • More than three quarters of all crime in the United States is property crime.
  • The average dollar loss per burglary is $1,725.
  • Over 65% of all burglaries are residential structures.
  • Residential Burglaries most often occur during daylight hours and non-residential burglaries occur at night.
  • Burglaries take place every 14.6 seconds in the United States.

Homes without a security system are 3 times more likely to be burglarized than a home with an alarm installed. If a burglar is looking for the next home to break into on your block and there is 10 homes with a security system and 10 homes without which homes do you think will be subject to an intruder. Most burglars spend less than 60 seconds to gain access to your home. With an armed security system they will be less likely to steal the items that they are looking for. The most popular items taken are jewelry, watches, guns, laptop computers, DVD players, and other small appliances.

How Burglars gain access to your home

  • 34 % of burglars entered through the front door
  • 23 % through a first-floor window
  • 22 % through the back door
  • 9 % through the garage
  • 4 % entered through a basement
  • 4 % through an unlocked entrance
  • 2 % through a storage area
  • 2 % entered anywhere on the second floor

Most alarm installers will try to sell you a basic system that includes 3 doors or windows and a motion sensor. As you can see from the above alarm statistics if you have a system with a door sensor installed on the front and back doors you are covering 50% of the most popular access points. The 3rd point is usually the interior garage door. This takes up all of the basic system components except for the motion sensor. There is no chance that a single motion sensor will protect the remaining areas of your home. A home alarm salesman will tell you that the motion will protect the inside of your house so you do not need to have any more protection. You must keep in mind that the motion sensor will only trigger an alarm after the intruder is already in the home. At night your security system is usually set in Stay Mode which means that your motion sensor is disabled.

Cities with the Most Crime in the United States

  1. Houston Number of burglaries: 27,45
  2. Chicago Number of burglaries: 26,420
  3. Dallas Number of burglaries: 18,727
  4. Phoenix Number of burglaries: 18,666
  5. New York Number of burglaries: 18,159
  6. Los Angeles Number of burglaries: 17,264
  7. Detroit Number of burglaries: 15,994
  8. San Antonio Number of burglaries: 15,334
  9. Columbus, Ohio Number of burglaries: 15,169
  10. Indianapolis Number of burglaries: 15,122

These cities would benefit greatly from the addition of any of the following Security Systems:

  • 2Gig GoControl Panel
  • Honeywell Lynx Panel
  • DSC Alexor Panel
  • DSC 9047 Panel
  • GE Simon XTI Panel

Security Systems will only work if the homeowner arms the system. In 41% of burglaries of homes with an alarm system the homeowner had neglected to activate the alarm. An amazing fact is that 12% of burglaries occurred through an unlocked door.


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