DIGOO Wireless Home Security System

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DIGOO Wireless Home Security System with Auto Dial and APP Control Function, Comes with PIR Detector, Doorbell Button, Door Window Sensor, and Remote ControllerDigoo Home Security Panel


  • Defense Zone Support: support up to 99 sensors, gate, SOS, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke, gas, carbon dioxide, water leaking detection ect. Host under wifi connected condition, you can use app to receive alarm rather than receive Phone alarm calls and messages. Effectively prevent any suspicious movement, activity or potential intruder, guard your home 7/24 hours as a home protector.
  • Loud SOS Alarm and Easy to Get Help: Children and seniors at home in emergency, press the SOS button of the remote controller, which will trigger all alarms to notice neighbors and send SOS calls and messages to other families, so they can get help in time. Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number and 20 Seconds Help Voice recording, if alarm occurs, the host will dial preset number automatically and play the record your help voice.
  • Wireless remote control APP function: You can remote control home sensors setting and management, easily to remote arm/disarm all sensors, or set up message and call real-time push notifications setting, you can view all sensors’ status from APP.
  • Network Support: Support WIFI/GSM/GPRS/2G(can be used 3G or 4G network, But the network transmission of the system is 2G) Intranet Alarm System Support Different Alarm Channels(APP Push / SMS / Voice monitoring / intrannet center Alarm, to ensure the alarm performance stable and reliable)
  • Colorful screen and Touch panel Design: Colorful 2.4 Inch TFT Large Digital Display Screen is eye-protected, also has a strong contrast ratio, easily to watch and operate. Touch panel, a good sense of touch feeling, for the old version home system, without the button-broken problem, will offer longer life for you.

DIGOO HOSA is an intelligent home and business alarm system that works perfectly with other accessories. It provides full protection to your entire house, from doors, backyards, hallways, to windows, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.
We have made great improvements in APP and accessories pairing, by summing up the shortcomings of other security systems in the market.

  • 1. We make the alarm host wifi-enabled, so you can use your phone to remote control your home alarm system. You also can view DIGOO camera surveillance videos in this alarm app.
  • 2. Multi-channels real-time notifications sending to your phone via SMS and to your app as well.
  • 3. Multi-purpose alarm Modes available. A timer for you to set the arm/disarm status based on your needs. No need to repeatedly set it every day.
  • 4.Telephone function, two-way communication, can talk with your family at any time.If an unexpected emergency happened to your family, you can receive and answer the phone calls from your family.
  • 5. DG-HOSA phone app supports Digoo cameras online viewing. If you already have a DIGOO camera, you can also monitor your home by hosa phone app to see the real-time videos.DIGOO Wireless Home Security System

Features of DIGOO Wireless Home Security System

  • 1. 2.4 inch TFT color display screen with touch panel design, eye-protected, offer the best reading and touching feeling.
  • 2. WIFI/GSM/GPRS/2G Internet Alarm System.
  • 3. Support different alarm channels, APP notification pushing/SMS/voice monitoring/internet center etc.
  • 4. Can set arm/disarm time according to your routine time, avoiding a repeated operation.
  • 5. Can set the Password lock or RFID cards reading
  • 6. Support other alarm accessories, if it is 433MHZ, such as external wireless siren or doorbell button, water alarm.
  • 7. Phone calls, two-way talking. Support 5 groups auto-dial number, one group number can set SMS on/off and dial on/off respectively.
  • 8. Arm/disarm setting on the alarm system, or on the phone app
  • 9. 20s voice alarm and remote monitoring
  • 10. Hosa phone app including Digoo camera app in it, If you already have DIGOO camera series, you can also monitor your home situation by hosa phone app to see the real-time video record, that it mean it also can connect the camera, by must be Digoo camera series.DIGOO Wireless Home Security System

DIGOO Wireless Home Security System has 6 modes

  • Arm: Make the host into the alert status; on-guard status, means Alert power on.
  • Stay Arm also called home alert, as the user is at home, only set alert to the entrance/exit or house around.
  • Disarm – alert power off.
  • Trigger, under the Arm state, detectors detect someone or door is opened, it will trigger the alarm.
  • Exit delay, if setting the host to be arm state, in order to avoid making alarms when users leaving and passing the detecting zones, delay the alarm time.
  • Entrance delay, When a user come back and pass the detecting zones, the host will not immediately make alarms. It will have the countdown(the time you can set as you like) to allow you to set disarm.The host will make alarm if time out you still not make disarm.

DIGOO Wireless Home Security System

DIGOO Wireless Home Security System has 4 modes for accessories

  • Stay arm active, when the alarm host is armed or stay armed.The detector will always alarm if triggered, the detector in the main door, window, balcony, are suggested to set this mode. You can set a timer for any detector under this status.
  • 24 hours active, the host will alarm at any time once triggered. Suggest emergency, smoke, gas, carbon, monoxide, water leaking, and other detectors to be set this mode. You can’t set a timer for any detector under  this status
  • Close, the alarm host will not alarm at any time if triggered.
  • Out armed active, when the alarm host is out armed, the detector indoor will not alarm if triggered, suggest to set this type of detector in the living room and bedroom area.
  • For doorbell, please select “Doorbell”, then a tinkling sound arises from the alarm host whenever the doorbell is pressed.
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