Crime in Antelope CA

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The statistics overall show that crime has been going down. Unfortunately many of the crime reports that are written are 2 years behind the actual real time rates. The U.S. Department of Justice has this report that you can review. It has a lot of useful information since even though it may be behind there are many parts of crime that do not change. Click to open the report.

There are several websites that provide great information on crime. These websites gather the information from a variety of sources to provide as up to date information as possible. Here are a few that I use:

You can get information from anywhere by Zip Code here:

Sacramento County reports to this website:

Sacramento City updates it’s own website here daily:

Roseville Crime Statistics:

This website gives a nice digest of Roseville & Rocklin:

Rocklin Crime Statistics (This is maintained by the Police Department):

Crime in Antelope CA

 Crime By Offense

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