2gig Home Security System


2GIG Home Security System

The 2Gig alarm system is by far one of the best security systems to have come along in a long time. The color touch screen makes it easy to see and operate. Arming and disarming the system involves a few taps on the screen to complete the operation. The […]

Review of The Best Home Security Systems

Best Security Systems

There are 4 major well known home security manufacturers available. Home Security companies will typically service and maintain any type of security system and they have access to the parts needed to service all systems. If they are installing a new system then they will usually offer 2 types at most. Even […]

DSC Alexor Alarm Review

Alexor Alarm Review

Most wireless alarm systems have incorporated the control panel, keypad and siren into one location. This makes installation very easy but it also poses a new problem. The control panel can be potentially disabled quickly by the intruder. The Alexor panel has a control panel that is located separately from the keypad. […]

GE Simon XTi Wireless Alarm System

Simon XTi Self-Contained Wireless Security System

The Simon XTi has integrated the long standing reliability of the XT security panels with the technology of a talking touch screen with two way voice. The unit is self contained making for easy installation. The unit has a color touch screen which makes operation extremely easy. The […]

Alarm System Stay Mode

All Security Systems are fundamentally the same in their basic operation so the commonly asked questions are always similar. The following is a list of the most asked questions about home security systems.

How does my home alarm system work?

There are three modes of operation of any home alarm system. They are disarmed, armed […]

Alarm System Complaints

There are 5 top complaints that people have about their home security systems.

Auto Renew of my Home Security Monitoring Contract

The top complaint is that the alarm contract automatically renews at the end of the contract. So when you think you are about to be free to choose another alarm company you are unpleasantly […]

How Does Home Security Work

There are a variety of things that can stop or deter a would be burglar from stealing your processions or harming your family. A home security system is by far the best deterrent that you can have. Unfortunately many people only feel the need to have a home security system installed after they have been […]

Home Security False Alarms

Preventing False Alarms

Your security system is supposed to protect your family and processions so it is the last thing you want is to not be able to trust your alarm system. It can not only be annoying but also very frightening. Just imagine being awakened in the middle of the night to your alarm […]

Apartment Security Systems

Apartments are a common target for burglars. Apartments do offer some extra considerations when having an apartment security system. Since you do not own your unit you cannot have any damage done to the walls when a typical security system is installed. This is why the only alternative is to install a wireless alarm system.


Best Home Security System-Wired or Wireless

There are two types of home security systems that are available for your home. The wired security system requires that wire be run from the control panel to each device that is installed in your home. The wireless security system only requires wire from the power source to the control panel.

Wired Home Security Systems […]