Business Alarm Systems

Your business requires special attention when it comes to an alarm system. There are additional considerations beyond what a residential security system requires. Your business may have some or all of the following additional considerations:

  • Assets stored outside of your building
  • Business Hours are 24/7
  • High amounts of cash on hand
  • High priced, physically small items
  • Small Business operated from home
  • Multiple Users

Assets Stored Outside of your Building

If your business requires items to be stored outside of a locked building then you will need to have additional security devices installed to protect your property. These items may be:

  • Contacts located on a gate
  • Beam Detectors along your fence line
  • Motion Detector installed to focus on a specific area
  • Security Cameras to detect and record intruders

Outside Motion Detector

Outside Motion Detector

Business Hours are 24/7

If your business never closes you may think that you do not need an alarm system. You may not need some of the traditional monitoring for a conventional business but there are other considerations. A business that is open throughout the night is more susceptible to a hold up. If your business uses a high amount of cash transactions you should have a hold up switch. In the old days these switches were located by the cash register. With wireless systems now available you can have panic switches located anywhere in the building or worn by key personnel. This provides extra protection for your employees.

Beam Detector


Motion Detector


High Amount of Cash on Hand

If your business deals primarily with cash then you have a much higher probability of being robbed and you need to take extra precautions. It is imperative to have multiple panic switches to trigger a silent alarm in the event of a robbery attempt. You can also have your cash in a safe and the safe can be monitored with a contact.

High priced, physically small items

When your business has small highly priced items that can be easily placed in thieves pockets there are additional considerations. This is an instance when a surveillance system can be the additional eyes that you need to stop crime. Surveillance cameras do not stop crime in the same way as an alarm system. A commercial alarm system is normally only armed at night when the store is closed. A camera system can record 24/7 whether you are open or closed. If your store has a lot of areas that are hard to see and there is limited personnel on shift then a camera system is perfect to help cut down on crime. Each camera can be setup to have an alarm sound when it detects motion in specific area of view.

Small Business operated from home

In most cases a small business operated from your home will not have a large amount of cash on hand. In many cases there is sensitive information on hand in digital or printed form. This information should be guarded and an alarm system is a perfect way to do this. You can have a single alarm system do double duty by having partitions setup. These partitions would be able to divide your home and your home business treated as 2 separate areas.

Multiple Users

A business has multiple employees and this means the probability of more than one person being able to arm and disarm the alarm system. Each employee should have their own entry code so all entries and exits can be tracked.

As you can see Business Alarm Systems needs are different devices than a residential alarm system.

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