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Apartments are a common target for burglars. Apartments do offer some extra considerations when having an apartment security system. Since you do not own your unit you cannot have any damage done to the walls when a typical security system is installed. This is why the only alternative is to install a wireless alarm system.

Why a wired alarm system will not work.

In order to install a wired alarm system the wire must be run through the attic or crawlspace and inside the walls. In an apartment it is impossible to run the wire down the walls or through the attic. Most apartments do not have an attic and even if the y did you are not allowed to have the necessary holes drilled in the walls to run the wire.

The Best Apartment Security Systems

How is a wireless alarm system different?

A wireless alarm system is exactly as it sounds. There are no wires “except” to the control panel. The control panel must have power in order to slide0004_image004operate and this is provided by a transformer that is plugged into the wall. There are control panels that will sit on a counter or table just like a telephone. All of the alarm system devices are powered with batteries.

Can I take my alarm system with me?

If you have an alarm system installed and you decide to move you can take the alarm system with you if you own it. Make sure to check with the alarm company that did your installation. Depending on the alarm contract that you sign you may not own your system. Some companies will offer you a move certificate that will allow you to call them and they will come in and remove the existing system and reinstall it at your new location.

What alarm devices should you purchase?

The alarm devices that your apartment will need are no different than a typical single dwelling house. Both have windows and doors that should be protected. The decisions as far as this part of the equation remain the same. Do you want full perimeter protection or partial protection? You never know what opening that a potential thief will use so it is best to protect all doors and windows. See this video about how perimeter protection works: http://youtu.be/__MF08VnwNQ

Should you monitor your alarm system?

A monitored alarm system will automatically call up a monitoring station that will contact the authorities for dispatch to your home. If you do not have a monitored system then the security system relies on the attached siren to scare the intruder away and also to notify neighbors that may call the authorities for you. Even though a monitored system is the best of the best a non-monitored system is adequate and will still give piece of mind. If you do choose to have your system monitored then make absolutely for sure that you READ THE CONTRACT!

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