What has happened to Alarm Professionals?

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Alarm Professional – Can you trust yours?

In the old days (a few years ago) alarm professionals wanted to protect your family and your property. As with most products the price has gone down for an alarm system. Years ago when alarms became prominent the price of a system was $2,000 for a typical home. You can now purchase a better alarm system than was available and at a substantial savings.

On the surface this seems like a great deal right?

The problem is that when this happened there were a few other factors that happened in the background that made this less about protection and more about money. One of the larger security dealers in the country realized that they could offer extremely low cost systems for almost no money down and make up the money over time. Basically it is a financed security system that at the time only a security company with a lot of financial backing could operate. At the same time this company employed affiliates to join the network and market, sell and install the alarm systems and then sell off the accounts to them. A lot of these affiliates went out of business due to not understanding how to run a business and offering system pricing that did not support their company. As a consumer you did not necessarily lose but you did at a minimum have different support for any potential issues for your system.

The Trend Continues . . .

This way of selling security systems has not gone away but only increased. In order to compete many companies have had to adapt a similar business model. This does not have to be a bad thing but what it has led to is many companies swooping into your communities with hoards of sales people (many unlicensed) and many that not only do not care about your protection but also do not have a clue about what a properly designed security system entails.

You are just a number and a contract

During this onslaught of door knockers and telemarketers you have been inundated with less than caring individuals and companies that are only after one thing and one thing only, your signature and your monthly fee. You can easily see this when they tell you that all you really need is a basic security system which usually consists of what the industry calls a 3-1-1 . This is a control panel, 3 doors, 1 motion and a keyfob. The first thing that should catch your eye is that there are actually kits that are competitively priced with this equipment so this is sold in high volumes. As far as I am concerned this is making the statement that everyone needs the same exact protection. So your lifestyle and individual needs are not even considered. And do you know why? It is because your monthly fee that you pay for monitoring is not based on the amount of the equipment sold. If you have 10 doors and two motion detectors your monthly fee will be the same. You will pay a bit more for the equipment but the monthly recurring revenue is what they are after. These “salespeople” do not want to risk the sale by introducing more cost into the sale. It is much easier for them to tell you that a basic system is all you need and we can install one for only $99.00. Because the monthly amount is still the same and the equipment cost is kept low for the company.

So I ask you – Does this sound like a practice that is meant to protect your property and family? OR is it a practice meant to generate profit?

With this in mind what companies do you want installing and monitoring your property and family?

I will admit that a basic system is better than no system at all but this is not what you will here from these salespeople. The facts are that approximately 50% of the breakins do happen through the front and back door. Are we in Vegas? I’m not a gambler so I want better odds than 50% The story is that the motion detector will get them if they come in another way. REALLY? That may be true but they have to already be in the house for that to happen and personally I want to stop them before they get anywhere near my family and my stuff.

You be the judge. If the only thing that matters is the price then maybe one of these systems is right for you. If you are looking for:

  1. A local company with over 33 years experience
  2. A company with an A+ BBB Rating
  3. A company with NO Consumer Affairs complaints
  4. A company that has installed over 8,000 systems in the Sacramento area
  5. A company that picks up the phone when you call
  6. A company that cares about your family and your property
  7. A company with serious professionals that will determine the best system for your Lifestyle and protection needs

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