Reduce False Alarms from Your Alarm System

False alarms will affect you and the community in a negative way. Most counties have instituted false alarm fines that can run you hundreds or thousands of dollars. It can eventually cause you so much frustration that you will stop using it. In most cases the causes are easily fixed but often ignored.

What is […]

Security Alarm Systems – The rules have changed

The Evolution of Security Alarm Systems

The traditional alarm system has always been installed with the intent of detecting an intruder into an area that they should not be. The first types of alarms would sound a bell or horn. These loud audible devices were meant to alert people in the area to an intruder […]

Cellular Security System

Choosing the best Communications Technology

There are four types of communications that your home security system can utilize. The oldest form is a landline. This is the outdated phone line that many people do still use but many more are dropping and switching over to cellular phones. In years past alarm system owners would be […]

What is a Duress Code?

Alarm System User Codes

Your security system is an integral part of your home protection. Obviously it only works if you use it. There are several modes of operation that your security system is capable of. They are:

Disarmed Armed in Stay Mode Armed in Away Mode Disarmed mode of operation

When your system is […]

Alarm System Stay Mode

All Security Systems are fundamentally the same in their basic operation so the commonly asked questions are always similar. The following is a list of the most asked questions about home security systems.

How does my home alarm system work?

There are three modes of operation of any home alarm system. They are disarmed, armed […]