Alarm System Monitoring

Your alarm system does not have to be monitored to be a working alarm system. When your alarm system is monitored that means that it has the ability to tell the outside world that something is wrong. This happens by connecting your system to a Central Station where all of the alarm signals are transmitted. There a several types of communication available for Alarm System Monitoring :

In the old days the only way to communicate an alarm was by using a landline or standard phone line. When the alarm system went into alarm the system would seize your phone line so you could not use it and then dial the Central Station. The Central Station equipment would interpret the signals and know what type of alarm it was and where the alarm signal came from.

Using the landline is the slowest form of communication and can easily be defeated by a burglar.

The VOIP form of communication is much faster but can still be easily defeated by cutting the incoming line from the street to your home. The best form of communication is using cell or GSM. This is the fastest and cannot be defeated by cutting any phone or cable lines because there is nothing to cut.

Many of the cable companies are trying to get in on the action of Security because they already own the communication lines so they can come in and undercut existing alarm companies. You must consider that companies like AT&T and Comcast are NOT security experts. They are phone and TV companies selling security. In my opinion that is like going to a dentist to fix my sore toe.


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