Alarm Salesman use Underhanded Tactics

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The alarm industry is a very competitive industry and there is a lot of money to be made over a long period of time. The industry has become so lucrative that the big players in the industry like ADT, Vivint and Monitronics have affiliates that get contracts signed and systems installed and then sell the contracts.

This is not always a bad thing because it has resulted in homeowners being able to get into a new system for a reasonable price but these new contracts are gold and lead to alarm salesman using high pressure and skewing the information to get you to sign on the dotted line. In this video you will see that the salesman is not really lying but he is not quite telling the truth. The problem is that once you sign on the dotted line you will be stuck for 2-3 years. These contracts are designed to keep you in a monitored system so that the revenue keeps pouring in. The best advice is to make sure that you get a quote in writing. Many of these quick talking salesman will not ever supply you with a quote. They are there to get you to sign at the visit. They do not want to give you any time to think about the purchase. In California and some other states you have 3 days to cancel the contract so if you did not receive what you were promised or are having second thoughts make sure that you know what to do to cancel and make sure that you do it.

Another trick is that the salesman will tell you that they have people in the area that are ready to install within a few hours. They are betting that you will feel bad about having the system removed and just go ahead and keep it even if you do not like it. My advice is to :

  • Have the salesman give you a written quote
  • Get competing quotes
  • Do a little research on the system that is proposed

Once you have made a selection you can call that salesperson back and sign the contract. Make sure that you have the system installed 4 days later at a minimum. This way you have signed the contract but you are not locked in until you have had a chance to review it. Try calling the salesperson back after the contract is signed. You may not even get a call back. Many of these salespeople have moved on once you signed up. I always say that great customer service continues long after the sale.

If you are in the Sacramento,CA area then I would be happy to talk with you about an alarm system. If you are out of the area then I would be happy to refer you to another company that can do you justice.


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