Interactive Home Security

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. is the perfect match for your Home Security System. When the 2GIG GoControl System is used with you get complete control of your home. Interactive Home Security

Wireless Signaling
System is not vulnerable to phone line cuts. System still functions properly if cell phones or Voice-Over-IP are used as primary home phone system.

Monitor and Control through the Web or Smartphone
You can monitor and control your® system from anywhere through the® user-friendly website or mobile app. Log in to arm/disarm the system from work, set up new user codes, change the way people are notified of alarms and other system events, and much more.

Normal Activity Monitoring
Enables more complete home safety monitoring. System provides value and peace of mind even when it is not armed. Customers can be notified via email or cell phone text messages of events like a child arriving home from school, someone opening the pool gate, or someone accessing a medicine or liquor cabinet. The® website will show when doors, windows or cabinets open and close, and when motion sensors detect activity, 24 hours a day, even when it is not an alarm. No other security system does this.

Alarm Event Phone Notifications
If an alarm is triggered, all of the contacts provided by the customer can be notified about the alarm through an email or text notification. The customer or their emergency contact can then decide whether or not to call for police or fire assistance.

Lighting, Lock, Thermostat Control
The system allows the customer, using available Z-Wave devices, to control and schedule their lights via the Web, and to configure their home so that certain lights are automatically turned on or off when certain door sensors or motion sensors are activated. With Z-Wave controlled locks, you can remotely lock and unlock a given door. This allows you to let a service person gain access without you being there. With Z-Wave controlled thermostats, you can remotely control the Heating/AC system, allowing you to cool down or heat up the house before returning home.

Central Station Monitoring
Your® system can be monitored by our central monitoring station. In the event of an alarm, alarm signals received from your system are forwarded immediately from® to the central station. A live operator at the central station will call the location where your system is installed, and will attempt to notify the police, fire or medical authorities if the alarm is not cancelled by an authorized system user who is on the premises.

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