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We provide fresh new SEO Articles 3-5 times per week which means that we are growing steadily with organic ranking. Articles that are written with SEO in mind achieve much higher traffic because they are the actual keywords that customers are looking for. This traffic is also much more targeted with interested buyers.

As a small business it is very expensive for you to institute an SEO campaign for your website and even more so because of the relatively small geographic location. This is where our expertise in SEO makes it easy for you to benefit for a reasonable price.

Our Program:

Banner Advertising For Your Area:

Your banner supplied by you will appear on our pages for your state and your city. This means that everyone that comes to our specific geographic page for your area will see your company as an option.

As an advertiser on our website we will also write specific articles related to your area that will help to drive additional traffic to the page that has your banner.

We also place your banner on various pages that are associated with your main product. If your main product is DSC for example we will randomly have your banner show on our DSC related products pages.


Banner will run for a period of 6 months.At that time you will have the ability to renew at a discount.

Full Page Advertising

This type of advertising entitles you to a full page of advertising with a direct feed for all requests. This means that you will have a form on your page for visitors to request quotes directly from you.


Your page will remain posted for a period of 6 months. At that time you will have the ability to renew at a discount.

Article Writing for Your Website

We know SEO. Our website was only published a few months ago and in that time we have tripled our traffic. That will continue to increase. Everyday we are growing back links and submitting new articles and video's. This means that we are generating traffic more and more. Our traffic is very specific. We only have people visiting that are looking for information about:

  • Home Security Systems
  • Business Security Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Personal Defense Systems

We can provide unique articles for you to publish on your website. All articles are written with SEO and keywords in mind. Anyone can write an article but if no one is searching for it why does it matter?

$25.00 per Article

Link Exchange

If your budget does not allow then we can at least trade links. We will add your link to our website. In return you will add a link pointing to us. If this is the option of your choice then you can Request A Link Exchange

Referrals from Other Advertisers:

We understand that as a security company one of the biggest issues is the attrition of your recurring monitoring contracts. One of the reasons for that are people moving out of the area. Since you are a local alarm company you cannot benefit from the customers new location. As a member of our program we encourage all of our advertisers to contact us when they have a customer that is moving out of the area. We will send that information to the proper Security Company in that area. As this grows we will have a large network of security companies working together as an independent network. Frankly this is one of the best ways for local small alarm companies to have some hope in competing with ADT and other larger conglomerates.

If you are interested in our program then fill out the form below to get started. You will be redirected to a new page to enter your payment information. Once payment is received we will add your information to our website.




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