Additional Home Security Devices

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Although I consider a home security system to be the best home security device they are not designed to prevent physical access to your home by preventing entry. They are designed to alert you to an intrusion. It is important to protect your family and there are a wide variety of devices available to keep you family safe. These devices work well by themselves or when they are integrated with a home security system.

Home Security Devices

Door Security Brace

The DoorJammer is a unique, new and innovative portable door security device for anyone needing privacy and security. It is an ideal solution for Lone Female or Male Travelers, Backpackers, Students and seniors. The DoorJammer is a simple way to prevent unwanted intrusions into any room and provide peace of mind. It is portable, discreet yet highly effective. It can be fitted to most doors in seconds to ‘jam’ the door shut and make the occupant(s) feel totally secure and private.
• Designed for Strength: Horizontal force exerted on door from outside converts into vertical force
• Works on all doors with at least 1/8″ gap below the door
• Works on all Floors. Easily Removed in case of emergency
• Black Carrying Case Included
• Compact and lightweight making it great for travel

Door and Window Entry Alarms

• Easy tool-free installation to window or door; Mounted using double-sided adhesive tape (included)
• Magnetic sensor switch detects entry protecting home or office
• Three 1.5V button cell batteries, INCLUDED
• Pack of 2 sensors for two windows or doors
• 90 DP plus @ 3 ft. sound level

Long Range Motion Alert Kit

The SkylinkHome Wireless Motion Alert Kit can be placed indoors or outdoors to alert you of security breaches. Using infrared technology, the motion sensor will detect any movement and report it to the Household Alert Receiver to alert you. You can set the system to one of three operating modes to be alerted of movement. All three modes will flash an LED to notify you of movement, you can change the mode based on the audio indicator you would like to receive. Alert Mode beeps when a sensor is activated, Alarm Mode will scare off intruders with a 95 dB siren, and Off will not emit and audio indication. A Supervised Sensor is included to monitor their batteries and let you know when the battery life is getting low. Up to 16 sensors (sold separately) can be used in up to 4 zones with this Wireless Motion Alert Kit making this system expandable! Expand add more sensors for more enhanced security and alert applications.

Driveway Alert System

Vandalism and theft of automobiles is a high priority for anyone and this driveway alert system will let you know when anyone is near your car. This system comes with a receiver and 2 transmitters for increased protection. The PIR motion Detector has an impressive 25 foot area of coverage at approximately 100 degrees. The direct transmission range is over 300 feet in open air. The actual range will vary depending on environmental conditions but the range is typically more than adequate. The built in alert chime provides a loud 90 decibel sound.

In Ground Pool Alarm

The poolguard pool alarm, once installed in the pool, cannot be de-activated; it is always in the alarm ready mode. Tamper proof: poolguard pool alarm will sound an alarm when removed from the pool. sleep mode: when you would like to use your pool, simply remove the alarm from the pool and put it into sleep mode. Automatic wake-up: the poolguard pool alarm will automatically wake up and run a system test when installed into the pool. The poolguard pool alarm comes with an in-house remote receiver that has a range up to 200 ft. and comes with a 12 volt power supply. The poolguard poolside alarm works on a 9-volt battery (not included); with a battery life of approximately one year. Audible low battery indicator at the poolside alarm is also indicated by the in house remote receiver. New sensing technology provides less chance of false alarms due to wind, rain or small objects such as sticks or toys entering the water. poolguard pool alarms have been tested and comply with the ASTM standard.

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